Graduate Teaching Assistant Professional Development Resources

Online resources for teaching and learning

See all the teaching and learning resources available to faculty, new faculty, and GTAs at the Faculty Professional Development Program website. 

There is also an excellent collection of articles written specifically for graduate teaching assistants by NAU Distinguished Teaching Fellows in The Graduate College e-newsletter archives.

For-credit course on college-level teaching

GC 599: Seminar in College Teaching

If you’re a graduate student with teaching responsibilities—in courses or labs—this one-credit course can help you become a better instructor.

In this seminar, you’ll:

  • examine research on how students learn
  • apply your work in the seminar to your teaching practices in your content field

Some of the key questions that will be addressed in this seminar:

  • what perspectives do I bring to my teaching and how do they impact my curricular choices?
  • how can students be productively challenged and effectively supported in their learning?
  • in what ways can students be actively engaged in learning content and processes in the discipline?
  • what kind of assignments and feedback on assignments has a meaningful role in furthering student learning?

Within the class, you’ll:

  • apply course materials to classes you teach
  • do reciprocal teaching—getting and giving feedback on teaching
  • undertake an applied seminar project related to your work

For more information on the seminar, log in to LOUIE and search for the class.

Contact the instructor, Larry Gallagher, Director of the Faculty Professional Development Program and Associate Professor of Educational Specialties, if you have any questions.