HON 190-1

Status: Active 
Course: HON 190-1
Title: Seminar in Critical Reading/Writing
Professor: Kerri Quinn
Time: MW 1:50-3:05
Bldg/Room: 38/109
Liberal Studies: Foundations


Prerequisites: Admission to the Honors Program

Proposed Texts: Varies

Class Format: Lecture, small group and large group discussion.

Evaluation Method: Students are evaluated on formal and informal writing assignments, peer review participation, class presentations, class participation, and participation in the Fall Honors symposium.

Course Description: Honors 190 is a reading- and writing-intensive course designed to introduce you to a liberal studies education. An important part of this course is your acquisition of specific skills: close reading, analytical writing, cogent speaking, attentive listening, and critical thinking. The readings for this class, as well as the tasks required of you, have been carefully chosen and arranged in order to make possible your attainment as well as enhancement of these skills, within a learning environment that encourages your understanding and appreciation of key issues that are at the heart of a liberal studies education. Your 190 instructors come from a variety of departments. Your instructors will help you to define and explore these key issues in a manner that reflects their unique training, specialties, and perspectives.

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