University Graduate Committee

The University Graduate Committee (UGC) exists to:

  1. Articulate objectives for graduate study and establish and maintain proper graduate standards and policies for graduate programs and graduate assistants
  2. Coordinate all graduate programs and curricula to prevent undue course proliferation
  3. Study and recommend means for improving graduate programs and consider new and revised graduate programs
  4. Establish and maintain standards and policies in such matters as admission to graduate study, admission to candidacy, examination requirements, transfer credits, and approval of graduate courses programs and degrees
  5. Serve as the graduate curriculum committee for new courses, course changes and deletions, new programs, and program revisions
  6. Represent the Dean of the Graduate College at dissertation defenses


UGC bylaws were created to establish and maintain standards, policies, and procedures of the UGC, which is charged by the Faculty Senate, to ensure University graduate programs, polices, and practices align with national benchmarks and practices, as well as enhance and achieve the stated mission and goals of Northern Arizona University.

Meeting Schedule, Agenda, and Minutes

UGC meetings are held monthly during the fall and spring semesters—meetings during the months of December and May are optional, depending on workload. All UGC meetings are open to the public.

Meeting Agendas and Materials

Syllabus Review for Program Self-Study 

  • View the 2016-17 Syllabus Review Groups.
  • The Syllabus Review forms are available in Word & .pdf.
  • Curricular Maps are linked to the degree names on the review groups chart.

UGC Membership

View the current UGC membership by program.