Course Number Changes

We have made a few changes to our courses. Read on to see how this may affect you.

500-level course changes

ETC 585: Technology Integration in the PK-16 Classroom will replace:

  • ETC 548 Assistive Technology AND
  • ETC 557 Tech Integration in the Elementary Classroom AND
  • ETC 558 Tech Integration in the Secondary Classroom AND
  • ETC 559 Tech Integration in the ESL Classroom

If you have already taken one of the previous courses, you can use it in your program of studies rather than taking ETC 585.  

600-level course number changes

  • ETC 666: Designing Instruction will become ETC 625: Designing Instruction
  • ETC 657: Tech Planning and Professional Development will become ETC 635: Tech Planning and Professional Development
  • ETC 677: Distributed Learning Delivery Systems will become ETC 645: Distributed Learning Delivery Systems
  • ETC 647: Creating Learning Environments will become ETC 655: Creating Learning Environments

You will be able to use either course number to complete the degree.