The Graduate Student Government (GSG) represents and advocates for the graduate student body within university administration and local, state, and national governing bodies. We organize student involvement and administer services, resources, and programs that benefit graduate students.

What’s happening in GSG?

  • This semester GSG is starting off strong with restructured committees and new goals.  We are working on a grievance policy for graduate students, advocating for graduate program transparency for potential applicants, planning social events, and managing the travel awards.
  • GSG is presenting results from the fall survey of graduate students to the Arizona Board of Regent's Academic Affairs Committee along with graduate student leaders of ASU and U of A.  This is the first time students have presented to an ABOR committee and the goal is to institute this as an annual practice.
  • GSG has launched three $1000 scholarships for the 2014-2015 academic school year.  Visit the Graduate College's Scholarships and Fellowships website for more information.
  •  You can also check out the GSG meetings and events page for more opportunities to get involved and explore the Graduate College events calendar for additional graduate student events.

Letter from our board:

Thank you for your investment in graduate education at Northern Arizona University and specifically for pursing higher education at a time when thoughtful and dynamic leadership is needed most. The GSG finds its purpose at this intersection as we strive to enhance your graduate experience.

In April 2011, GSG held its first graduate student body elections across the extended and mountain campuses and solidified itself as an official student government.  For the 2013-2014 academic year, GSG is continuing the Travel Awards program. Additionally, GSG is working to reduce the cost of course materials, host social events, and address graduate-professional student concerns.

The significance of a graduate government is that it is led and sustained by students. By supporting and participating in GSG, graduate students can take steps to create the value and opportunities they need, which benefits graduate students, the university, and our surrounding communities. We encourage graduate students to become involved by attending our meetings and working through our committees on issues that matter to them.