First‐Gen Programs at NAU

Northern Arizona University offers several opportunities for first‐gen students to receive the support they need to be successful in college. First‐gen students who connect with a mentoring program are more successful in college and after college than those who try to do it on their own.

  • STAR


     A summer bridge program to connect you to campus and get a head start on the college experience. Live at NAU, take college classes, and participate in service and social events. Peer mentors will provide guidance on how to be successful during college. Free program for 150 first‐gen students each summer. Application priority deadline is February 1st.

  • TRiO Student Support Services logo
    TRiO Student Support Services logo

    Student Support Services (SSS)

     Peer mentoring from a student leader who has learned how to do the college thing. Professional mentoring that focuses on academic support, career planning, and financial assistance ‐ helping you to become the best you can be during college and beyond. Small group activities help you get connected to campus. Scholarship available for 450 eligible students each year.  Priority application deadline is August 1st.

  • First Scholars at Northern Arizona University logo
    First Scholars at Northern Arizona University logo

    First Scholars

     Self‐awareness, success, and significance are the cornerstones of this 4‐year program sponsored by the Suder Foundation. A small group of first‐gen students are provided peer support, professional coaching, educational workshops, and community service activities. Scholarship available for 20 first‐gen students each year.  Application deadline is mid-February.

  • SALT

    Lumberjack Leaders Institute

     Some first‐gen students may not want ongoing mentoring, but do want to learn what it takes to be a successful college student. Join 50 first‐gen students for a 7‐week Institute with workshop topics on academic success, leadership development, health & wellness, relationships, and finances.  Application deadline is within the first month of each semester.