Prospective Student

Thank you for your interest in the graduate program in Communication Sciences and Disorders (CSD) at NAU.  This program leads to a Master of Science in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology. Our program tracks are Full-time Regular, Full-time Leveler and Part-time Summers.


Program tracks

The CSD department offers three tracks:

  • The Full-Time Regular track entails a rigorous load of coursework during the fall, spring and summer semesters for two full consecutive years. 
  • The Full-Time Leveler track comprises a rigorous load of coursework during the fall, spring and summer semesters for two full consecutive years, plus an additional fall semester.  
  • The Summers track is designed specifically for individuals who are already working in the speech-language pathology field; specific requirements for eligibility apply.  This track comprises a rigorous load of coursework during three consecutive summers on the Flagstaff Mountain Campus, three online courses during the intervening academic years, two clinical practica at your work site, and one non-school/medical site in the fourth summer.   The CSD Part-time Summers classes in Flagstaff usually begin the first or second week in June and run for 8 to 8-1/2 consecutive weeks. 
  • The master’s degree in Clinical Speech-Language Pathology is NOT offered as an online program.



Application for Admission is accomplished in two separate stages: application to the NAU Graduate College and application through the Central Application System (CSDCAS).  For complete application information and deadlines, refer to our CSD Admissions web page. You may apply to the CSD Full-time Regular or the Full-time Leveler track (but not to the Part-time Summers track) during the semester in which your undergraduate degree is being completed. 


Admission statistics

Use information on our CSD Admissions web page to see the GPA and GRE rankings of students recently admitted into our program. 


GRE (Graduate Record Examination) (within the last 5 years)

REQUIRED: All applicants are required to have ETS submit official GRE scores directly to CSDCAS (code: 6964 Northern Arizona U CSDCAS).  The GRE scores cannot be more than five years old. Read the GRE section under NAU Graduate College carefully for details. 



Applicants generally should have an undergraduate GPA of not less than 3.0 to be competitive in our application process.  If your overall GPA is below the statistical average of the overall GPA for individuals previously invited to our program, you may want to take, or re-take, some or all of the undergraduate course prerequisites.  Grades of  “C” or below in Pre-requisite courses are not competitive.  Previous admission statistics are available under Program Overview > Admissions (on the blue menu bar).

Course eligibility requirements

Foundational Science/Math Requirements 

Applicants must complete foundational courses in four areas from outside of the Communication Sciences and Disorders (Speech-Language Pathology) discipline. It is strongly encouraged that these courses are completed prior to entering the program. These course titles, along with the grade you earned, must be listed on your NAU application.

Prerequisite courses 

Applicants must also complete seven undergraduate prerequisite courses from the speech-language pathology discipline. 

  • For the Full-time Regular track, you must complete the leveling courses prior to entering our program, i.e., the final prerequisite courses may still be in the “In Progress” stage at the time of your application.
  • If you are accepted into our Full-time Leveler track, the appropriate prerequisite courses will be added to your CSD graduate program of study. If some, but not all, of the CSD prerequisites have been met for the Full-time Leveler track, the program of study will be adjusted so that the remaining pre-requisites are built into the graduate program of study.

It is the expectation that these courses are all passed with grades of “B” or better in order to be competitive.  We offer an exception to only one of our discipline prerequisite courses. If you are unable to take Neurological Foundations of Speech-Language and Hearing or its equivalent before applying, we can incorporate that course into your NAU graduate program of study. 

The NAU Graduate College admission application will ask you to list the courses and the grades you earned that meet the requisites above. Do your best to equate which courses on your transcript meet the requirements. The courses you list should include the same key words as those in the descriptive titles of our prerequisite courses. For example, a CSD course that might be equivalent to Neurological Foundations should have the term “neuro” in the title.  Do not list the same course twice. The CSD Admissions Committee will assess equivalency only after receiving your complete program application materials.  You may then be requested to submit a class syllabus or a course description from your institution’s online academic catalog. 

You may take the prerequisite courses or their equivalents through any accredited institution. At NAU, the catalog prefix for the discipline prerequisite leveling courses is “SST”.  


Registering for Leveling Courses at NAU

Refer to the Registrar’s web page for calendars and course schedules by semester. You may apply for admission to NAU as either a degree-seeking or a non-degree-seeking student at either the undergraduate or graduate level.  Note: “non-degree-seeking” status may limit your financial aid opportunities and how many classes you can take each semester; refer to the admissions office or your financial aid officer for specific restrictions related to a non-degree-seeking status. 


Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA)

If you plan to be employed as a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant in Arizona, the SLPA license is issued by the  Arizona Department of Health Services     

Some people choose to become licensed SLPAs (or their state’s equivalent), intending to apply to our CSD master’s program later.  If you are seeking a Speech-Language Pathology Assistant (SLPA) License, you may take those classes through any accredited institution. Be sure to include all seven of our discipline prerequisite courses as part of your SLPA program.   


SLPA and leveling courses information and contacts

For details about the undergraduate SST leveling classes or the online SLPA Certificate Program at NAU, go to

Mt. Campus academic advising (for individuals who are interested in attending the Flagstaff campus):

  • Contact: 


                    Undergrad SST and SLPA Residential

Extended Campuses academic advising (for individuals who are interested in online undergraduate SST classes):  1-800-426-8315.


Undergraduate Admissions and Orientation Officer at NAU 



Tuition and fees


For current tuition and fees, go to Student and Departmental Account Services.  For additional tuition and program fee information, please refer to the CSD Graduate Student Handbook. Search the index for Student and Departmental Account Services. 


Health and safety

To ensure everyone's safety in clinical settings, the student will be responsible for meeting certain health and security requirements. Requirements include such things as vaccinations, a background check clearance and fingerprint record clearance.  Because demands of the world are ever changing, these requirements also evolve. A list of current clinical requirements is available on the Registration Checklist for Full-time and Leveler Students and on the Registration Checklist for Part-time, Summers Students .  Students must present evidence of meeting clinical requirements which are current at that time before engaging in any program clinical experience.

Campus visits

Potential students are encouraged to visit the NAU campus and our department; schedule a visit through the NAU Graduate College.  If you cannot come during one of the dates available through the Graduate College, you may also take a “virtual tour” from their web page. See the Graduate College Events Calendar.  Refer to the NAU home page for additional NAU information.


Careers in speech-language pathology

To explore the careers, professions and various studies, market trends, and regions that are looking for qualified Speech-Language Pathology service providers, please visit: