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All of our colleges and academic departments provide the academic rigor, accessible faculty, and professional knowledge that will prepare you for success, any way you define it. Find the program that’s right for you.

An N A U language professor teaches an eager pupil in computer lab full of students.

College of Arts and Letters

Our rigorous programs help you hone critical thinking, problem-solving, and communication skills as you pursue creative endeavors and develop global awareness.

NAU Honors college adventure to Grand Canyon

Honors College

As an academically motivated student, you’ll partner with accomplished faculty members who challenge you through an innovative, rewarding curriculum and transformative experiential pathways.

An N A U student demonstrates brushing technique from a dental chair to his two peers with multiple metal dentistry tools nearby.

College of Health and Human Services

Join a collaborative, service-minded community of faculty staff, and students who conduct unique research that stimulates innovation in health-related fields.  When you graduate, you will be equipped with the professional skills to improve life quality in local, regional, and global communities.

Two N A U students are working through their research in a lab full of glass instruments and tools.

College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences

Our collaborative, acclaimed faculty offers an innovative, transdisciplinary approach to education. You’ll take part in wide-ranging, internationally recognized programs that grant you the hands-on opportunities and research experience you need to build your future and thrive in high-demand careers.

An N A U business student presents and engages peers in a glass-walled conference room in the W A Franke College of Business.

The W. A. Franke College of Business

Our dedicated, inspiring staff and faculty prepare you to lead successful, meaningful lives through the “Franke Experience.” Combining technical business education with professionalism development, this experience empowers you to become a business leader and thrive in a competitive market.

Students at NAU engage each other around a conference table in the clean, white VisualDESIGNLab with the sun shining through the glass in the background.

College of Social and Behavioral Sciences

You will engage with professors in critical thinking about contemporary social issues that promote interdisciplinary research and multi-cultural understanding. Our curriculum focuses on experiential learning opportunities that emphasize collaboration and prepare students for 21st-century careers.

An N A U student hones his teaching technique while helping his young student with work in a classroom with multiple colorful projects posted on the walls.

College of Education

Our hands-on Professional Education Program is the first and only nationally accredited teacher preparation institution in Arizona. You will partner with schools and districts across the states to student teach, developing you into a committed professional who will make a positive difference in education.

An N A U grad student tries to explain his complex research to event attendees with other presentations and people littered about the large conference room.

Graduate School

Meaningful research and scholarship opportunities—blended with exceptional mentorship and professional training—are the hallmarks of our graduate school education.