Communication Studies

speech communication

Degrees offered

Bachelor of Science or Arts in Communication Studies with emphases in:
        communication studies
        organizational communication
    Bachelor of Science in Communication Studies with an emphasis in organizational communication (This is a 2+2 degree program offered with the Maricopa Community College system; it is not offered on the Flagstaff campus.)
    minor in communication studies
    certificate in professional communication

Communication skills consistently are among the top five skills most valued by potential employers, especially group communication, interpersonal communication, listening, oral communication, and written communication. Communication helps us form relationships, allows cultures to evolve, and encourages understanding among people. By studying communication, you’ll improve your ability to achieve productive human interaction and professional success.

Our program helps you develop effective oral and written communication skills, as well as improve your interpersonal, small group, and public communication skills. The study of communication is essential no matter what your professional aspirations are; but it is is especially helpful to those who are interested in the study of law, religion, and politics, as well as those who wish to work in professions that focus on human relationships.

Internship opportunities


You may complete an internship in an approved organization to gain valuable work experience. In addition, the NAU Forensics program (competitive speech and debate) offers opportunities to learn, develop, and practice skills in public speaking and argumentation.

Career opportunities


Employment opportunities include any profession that requires excellent communication skills, including but not limited to:

    conflict management and negotiation
    education and teaching (with appropriate certification)
    human resources
    lawyer or other law-related work
    management training programs
    non-profit agencies
    public information officer 
    public advocacy
    religion and related professions
    speech writer    
    student advising

Additional information

For more information, visit the academic catalog or contact Dr. Dayle Hardy-Short:

Phone: 928-523-2311