Instructional Leadership, emphasis: K-12 School Leadership (MEd)
Students talk with professor at the rim of the Grand Canyon National Park.

At NAU, our impact is local, regional, and global

We shape the future through our research, community engagement, creative works, commitment to Native American and Indigenous people, sustainability initiatives, and energetic alumni network.

Research & innovation

One of the most powerful ways we make an impact is through our research. From astrophysicists and climate scientists to bioinformaticists and geneticists, NAU’s talented research faculty are leaders in their fields.

Community engagement

We pursue a better world. In our state and around the globe, we leverage our strengths to benefit the communities we serve.

Commitment to Native Americans

We amplify essential voices. One of our principal goals is to become the nation’s leading university serving Native American and Indigenous people.

Creative works

We awaken creativity. Through scholarship, artistry, and ingenuity, we celebrate the human experience.


We seek solutions. Across disciplines, we work together to build a just and sustainable future.

Alumni making a difference

We teach powerful change-makers. For our alumni, their time at NAU is only the beginning of a lifelong quest to empower others.