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Andrew Sanchez studies Flagstaff trees with students.

Research & innovation

Whether it’s exploring deep space or cyberspace, the human microbiome or the global ecosystem, one of the most powerful ways we make an impact is through our research.

Always aspiring

From astrophysicists and climate scientists to bioinformaticists and geneticists, NAU’s talented research faculty are always aspiring to be leaders in their fields. They bring their passion for discovery to their labs and to their classrooms, mentoring students in scholarly inquiry and research methodology, providing unique opportunities for NAU students to engage in hands-on research.

Together, our researchers and students solve the most compelling problems, invent the technologies of tomorrow, and boldly explore the next frontiers of knowledge.

Zach Lerner walking outside with invention.

Bioengineer launches start-up company to improve lives

Helping disabled children

NAU bioengineer Zach Lerner launched what is quickly becoming the university’s most successful commercial spin-off based on his research and the patent-pending technologies he invented as a result.

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