Graduate student testimonials

Our program strengthens your understanding of the dynamics of human communication and prepares you for the next steps in your career, but don’t let us tell you – these students sum it up pretty nicely.

Jenny Scott (MA, 2010)

“I really enjoyed the Applied Communication master’s program because it provided a well-rounded, but in-depth understanding of communication theory and application. Every class opened my eyes to new perspectives about the world around me and challenged me about my own opinions. After graduating from Northern Arizona University, I was able to obtain a promotion that will help further my career.”

Hilary Nemchik (MA, 2008)

“My experience as a graduate student in the Applied Communication program at Northern Arizona University was invaluable to my personal, academic, and professional growth. The expectations, tempo, and time commitment imposed by the program conditioned me in a way that improved my overall work ethic and strengthened my confidence as a writer, speaker, and researcher.”

Emily Borthwick-Wong (MA, 2008)

“For me, the greatest part of the Applied Communication program at Northern Arizona University was the faculty. Through the faculty’s assistance, I have been able to do graduate work in higher education, attend communication conferences, and submit articles to education journals. Even though I have graduated, I continue to keep in touch with the faculty and they still assist me with my career and academic goals.”

Lisa Preston (MA, 2010)

“I selected the Northern Arizona University Applied Communication master’s degree because communication has always interested me, and since I started my educational career at Northern Arizona University many years ago, I wanted to finish here as well. I work full-time and I did not want to spend my nights in class, so pursuing a degree that can be completed entirely online was especially attractive to me.”