Leveling Courses


Our on-line leveling program may be just right for you.

On-line leveling is designed for students who want to enter graduate programs in Communication Sciences and Disorders, but have baccalaureate degrees in other fields, and aren't in a position to move to the Mountain Campus in Flagstaff.

There are seven courses in all, totaling 21 credit hours.

Students should begin by enrolling in SST 202, Phonetics, SST 251, Anatomy and Physiology of Speech and Language and SST 350, Communication Development in Children. These courses are basic, and SST 202 and 251 Are prerequisite to some higher level leveling courses. SST 376, Hearing Science, is the prerequisite for SST 456, Survey of Audiology, so students should enroll in that course in the beginning of the sequence as well.

In the fall, we offer four leveling courses: SST 202, Phonetics, SST 251, Anatomy, SST 375, Speech-Language Sciences, and SST 350, Communication Development. SST 202 and SST 251 are also offered again in the spring.

In the spring, we offer SST 350, Communication Development, and SST 376, Hearing Science.

Summer leveling courses are SST 405, Neurological Foundations, offered during the first five week term, and SST 456, Survey of Audiology, offered during the second five week term.

Summer course offerings vary from year to year, so please be sure to check the schedule for the year that interests you.

You may register for the leveling courses any time before the term registration deadline, and you don't have to be part of a cohort. Please be advised that some courses have prerequisites.