Olivia Zachs

I have been obsessed with film and television since I was really young. My brain has constantly been flooded with advertisements to buy this, sitcoms that show you how your home life should be and news that reflects what the channel wants you to see. This made me think a lot about the idolization of a perfect life represented when you would channel surf or flip through a magazine. I use well known imagery from 1950s-1990s pop-culture and daily life, and disrupt the familiar by humorously manipulating them into being out of the ordinary. This concept is a visual representation of how idealized lifestyles and unavoidable consumerism (have become commonplace) with the continued rise of advertising and technology, and how consumer culture in America has seemingly become culture itself. For decades, film and television have painted the picture that our lives are like a sitcom or an ad for Coca Cola. My work aims to broadcast the truth about life, it is anything but normal.

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