Remote Collaboration


Skype can be easily installed on any of our machines.

BlackBoard Collaborate appears to be relatively easy to use, a session can be established for NAU employees and students, your desktop can be shared with participants, and participants can include NAU as well as non-NAU individuals. Please contact the e-Learning Center for help.


Conference room 102 contains a TV (HDMI and VGA + sound connections) and a relatively high-end web cam/microphone (USB connection).

Classroom 017 contains a microphone and speakers.

Our speaker phone can be used in either room 102 or room 230. To reserve this phone please email
  requested date,
  start time,
  end time,
  contact phone number, and
  a short description as to the purpose

We have two web cams (one with a built in microphone) and several older microphones that you can check out.

The document camera in each of our classrooms can be used as a webcam.