Podcasts 2012

FOR 520, Forest Stand Dynamics, is a course that explores how forest stands develop and change through time. Emphasis is placed on the biological mechanisms that drive the stand development process and on management applications. Special attention is given to the role of disturbances, both natural and anthropogenic.

Each year, the students develop podcasts related to a topic of interest related to stand development patterns. Below are the names of the Spring 2012 students and their podcast titles. We hope you enjoy their work!

  • Becket DeChant: The mountain pine beetle (Dendroctontus ponderosae) outbreak in British Columbia and its effects on Canadian forests
    Listen (9:21)
  • Joshua Giles: Small-scale clearcuts and stand dynamics
    Listen (5:00)
  • Betsy Goodrich: Historical and current fire regimes in mixed conifer forests in Southwestern U.S.
    Listen (11:37)
  • Serra Hoagland:Why foresters and wildlife managers should hang out: a memoir of not-so-tall tales
    Listen (9:00)
  • Eli Jensen: Phototropism and Gravitropism in Stand Development
    Listen (7:30)
  • Christian Larson: The introduction of Melaleuca in Florida, A brief overview
    Listen (13:06)
  • Sharalyn Peterson: Mangrove adaptations and their role in the stand dynamics of the species
    Listen (19:05)
  • Rob Strahan: Understory community responses to forest restoration alternatives in ponderosa pine forests
    Listen (10:56)
  • Jeremy Ulrey: Response to Even-aged Management on the Allegheny Plateau
    Listen (6:56)