Construction Management BS Degree

Details on degree requirements and courses for the CM degree can be found in the NAU 2017-18 Catalog. Continuing students can degree requirements by selecting the catalog for the first year enrolled at:
Curriculum Map

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Construct for Practice (C4P): Since 2012, our curriculum has integrated practical labs with what you learn in the classroom. Team up with other students to create, design, and manage all facets of a building project. 

Construction Management Advisor   

Engineering Bldg 69, Room 122
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Information on your faculty mentor can be found in your LOUIE page.

Future Course Offerings

Many of the CM courses are going to a once-a-year rotation. 

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See the chart below for the planned rotation schedule. 

Class     Course Name     
CM 120Building the Human EnvironmentXX
CM 123Construction Methods I X
CM 130Computing in ConstructionXX
CM 200LIntegrated Laboratory IXX
CM 220Introduction to Structural Design X
CM 222Construction GraphicsXX
CM 223Construction Methods IIX 
CM 225Concrete & Masonry Systems X
CM 253Surveying & Building Layout X
CM 300LIntegrated Laboratory IIXX
CM 302WWriting for Project ManagersXX
CM 326Mechanical Systems X
CM 329Estimating & BiddingX 
CM 331Structural Steel System*2017
CM 360Soils & Construction EquipmentX 
CM 388Construction SchedulingX 
CM 391Safety & Risk ManagementXX
CM 400LIntegrated Laboratory IIIXX
CM 481Construction Operations X
CM 489Construction AdministrationX 
CM 490CConstruction Integration/Capstone X

*CM331 is typically offered in the fall semester, however for the 2016-17 year, it will be shifted to Spring 2017. It will return to the regular rotation in Fall of 2017

Electives will rotate based on the tentative schedule shown below.  Schedule is subject to change.

CM 403 - Sustainable Design and Construction XX**X
CM 205/405 - Reno Prep X X
CM 408 - Internship all summers 
CM 425 - Integrated Project Delivery T X
CM 460 - Heavy HighwaysX X 
CM 470 - GIS ApplicationsX T 

**CM403 may be offered in spring semester, depending on demand
T = Tentative

Course Changes

Some courses changes that occurred in the fall of 2015.

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If you are on a catalog 2014-15 or earlier:

Electives:  2 required (CM 408 or CM499 may count for one, but not both)
Statistics: STAT270 is required

 If you are on catalog 2015-16 or later:

Electives: 3 required (CM 408 and CM499/CM405 can count for 2)
Statistics is no longer required

Prerequsite changes in Fall 2015:

  • CM123 is a co-req with CM130.  If LOUIE does not allow you to register for both of these, please contact your advisor
  • CM 225 requires CM 222 and CM223, or CM 124 with a grade of C or better
  • CM 253 requires STA 270 with a C or better if your degree plan is prior to 2015-16. Staring in 2015-16, MAT125 with a C is required for CM253

Transfer students

If you’re considering transferring from another major at the university or to Northern Arizona University from another college or university, please contact the Program Coordinator, John Tingerthal.  Click here for more information.


Congratulations on your upcoming graduation! There are a few steps you need to complete in order to be eligible for graduation. Read more.

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Procedures (click here for more detail)

  • Print out a graduation application packet.
  • Print out a degree progress report from your LOUIE account.
  • Meet with your faculty adviser to fill out the graduation application and review your degree progress report.
  • Get the signatures of your adviser and the department chair on your graduation application. Your adviser will tell you if you should take the completed application to Construction Management department office or the College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences.
  • The College of Engineering, Forestry, and Natural Sciences will send your application packet to the Registrar’s office.

A $35 graduation application fee will be applied to your LOUIE account. You must pay this fee and resolve any financial holds on your account to receive your diploma.


Fall graduation:  Application is due September 15

Spring Graduation: Application is due February 15

Graduation contact

For graduation exit interviews and graduation papers, contact:

Engineering Advising: Ruben Ricardo    
Academic Adviser
Engineering Bldg 69, Room 122

Exit interviews are done in CM490C capstone.