Faculty forms, policies, Procedures

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(School of Art policies originally approved by the SOA faculty 10/25/12. Current version approved 8/26/15.)

School of Art Forms:

SOA Schedule Grid (Use this as a worksheet to plan your schedule. Do not turn in to Director.)
SOA Schedule Spreadsheet (Write up your schedule on this and turn in to Director.)
NAU Standard Meeting Times (This is for lecture classes only.)
ID Spending Approval Form

SOA Policies:

General SOA Policies, Procedures, Voting
Submitting Materials for Annual Review
SOA Promotion and Tenure Policy for BFA program and Foundations
SOA Promotion and Tenure Policy for Art Education
SOA Promotion and Tenure Policy for Interior Design
SOA Professional Leave Policy
SOA Safety Policies

NAU/ABOR Policies:

NAU Policies page
COFS (Conditions of FacultyService)
Conduct, Ethics,Reporting and Transparency (CERT)
Safe Working and Learning Environment(SWALE)
Standards and Expectations of Conduct
Faculty Collegiality(Faculty Handbook)
ABOR Policies (policies on fees will be found here)