Frequently asked questions

What is my degree called?

Your degree will be a Bachelor of Science in Secondary Education with an emphasis in Art Education. Note that you aren’t required to have a minor. Your course work will include:

  • studio art
  • art history
  • art education
  • general education
  • liberal studies
Is there an art education minor?
A minor in art education is not offered.
Which art history courses must I take?
You must take ARH 141 and 142 (survey courses). These two courses also count for Liberal Studies credits under Aesthetic and Humanistic Inquiry. Beyond these two art history classes, you will choose two other art history classes. 
Which art education classes must I take?
You must take ARE 200, 330W, 331, 421/308, 431, and 432. Pay attention to the semesters that the courses are offered.
When should I enroll in art education classes?
It is best to start art education courses in the fall so that you may enter with ARE 200 and take the courses in sequence.
What are the GPA requirements?
You must carry a C or better in all art education courses. If you intend to apply for any art education scholarships, most donors require a minimum 3.0 GPA.
Which education courses must I take?

You will take:

  • EDF 200
  • EPS 325
  • BME 437 or ENG 406
  • ECI 495C
What other courses am I required to take?
To be certified and endorsed as a teacher in the state of Arizona, you must take POS 220 or POS 110 and 241.
What are the general requirements of the BS Ed in Secondary Education: Art Education?
The College of Education’s website has information on these requirements. You must apply and be accepted to the Teacher Education Program to enroll in any of education courses besides EDF 200 and EPS 325.
When will I student teach?
The College of Education has more information about student teaching.
May I work while I student teach?
Student teaching is a 40-hour per week commitment—you aren’t restricted from working, but we advise against it. If you need financial assistance during this time, here are some potential sources of funding:
Rodel Exemplary Teacher Initiative

School of Art scholarships
What is the NES?


To become certified to teach in the state of Arizona, all teacher candidates must successfully complete the National Evaluation Series exams in Professional Knowledge Secondary and Art Content; they are two separate tests. It is advisable to take these exams prior to student teaching.