BS Construction Management

The Bachelor of Science in Construction Management program is designed to prepare you to enter the construction profession and quickly advance into a leadership role.

This program is in-person at the Flagstaff Mountain Campus. We do not offer an on-line option for the CM bachelor's degree.

Degree requirements

To earn this degree, you must complete a total of 120 credit hours:

  • at least 35 credit hours of liberal studies requirements
  • at least 20 credit hours of pre-professional requirements
  • at least 70 credit hours of professional requirements
  • at least 21 credit hours of minor requirements
  • 2 elective courses are required to reach an overall total of at least 120 credit hours

Construct for Practice (C4P) – Integrated Curriculum

Our program integrates the material you learn in class with practical labs that simulate real-world building projects.

As part of an integrated team of sophomores, juniors and seniors, you will work with other students to create, build, and complete a construction project. As you move through your program, you’ll gain experience at different levels of the process.

Sophomores: project builders

Build a mock-up of a project according to plans and specifications.

Juniors: project designers

Create computer models, project plans and specifications, and cost analysis.

Seniors: project managers

Manage all aspects of a building project. 

Academic catalog

See the academic catalog for full details on this degree, including a course listing.

Additional details

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The highlight of your college career

Compete against other teams, solve challenging problems, and meet potential employers at the national ASC Competition in Reno, Nevada.