In Performance

Upcoming Performances and Events

Tuesday, October 7th NAU Jazz Combo Concert
Guest Artist Mike Ozuna, guitar
7:30pm – Ardrey Memorial Auditorium
Free Admission.
Jazz Guitar Masterclass
4:30-5:30pm – PFA Rm. 146

Tuesday, October 14th NAU Big Band Concert
Jazz Ensemble II & Jazz Ensemble I
7:30pm – Ardrey Memorial Auditorium
Free Admission.

Wednesday, November 5th Guest Artist Jazz Combo Workshop
Jim Cooper, vibraphone
5:00 – 7:00pm – Rm. 144
Free and open to the public

Tuesday, November 18th NAU Jazz Ensembles Fall Concert
Combos, Jazz II, & Jazz I
Stephen Dunn, trumpet
7:30pm – Ardrey Memorial Auditorium
Free Admission.

November 25 – 26 NAU Jazz Ensemble I Tour: Phoenix
Performance Schedule TBA

Thursday, December 4th Guest Artist Performance and Masterclasses
Fred Forney Quintet: Fred Forney, trumpet –
Nick Manson, piano – Chris Finet, bass –
Chris Wabich, Drums.
Quartet Performance: 4:00pm – Rm. 146
Various Masterclasses: 5:00-6:30pm
Locations TBA
Free and open to the public

Featured past performances

NAU Jazz Combo performed at International Jazz Day, Spring 2014.


Watch Video: 2014 NAU Combo Performance at International Jazz Day

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