Laski Scholarship

Study Abroad in Germany / NAU CIE

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Apply for the Laski Scholarship - Applications will be Accepted thru Monday, March 31, 2014!

The Center for International Education (CIE) and the Department of Global Languages and Cultures (GLC) announce the Laski Scholarship for Study Abroad in Germany. This scholarship is for a student who is studying abroad during the Academic Year 2014-2015 / Summer 2014 or 2015. $5,300.36 will be awarded to one qualified student and applied toward their tuition/fees in PeopleSoft (LOUIE) to participate in an NAU Study Abroad program in the Federal Republic of Germany (including but not limited to student exchanges with German partner institutions and language acquisitions programs conducted in Germany):

These funds shall be used as a scholarship by a graduate or undergraduate student with the following criteria:

  • Graduate/Undergraduate in good standing enrolled at Northern Arizona University;
  • Participating in an NAU study abroad program through CIE (tuition/fees hit PeopleSoft);
  • Financial Need (verified through NAU financial aid – students must have applied for FAFSA);
  • Commendable Academic Record;
  • Submission of a 500 word essay describing what you believe the value is in studying abroad in Germany and when you look back on this experience, what do you hope to say that you have gained, academically, personally, and professionally.

Scholarship recipients shall be selected by the Department of Global Languages & Cultures Scholarship Committee, as designated by the CIE Director of Education Abroad, and in coordination with the NAU Office of Student Financial Aid. The annual scholarship award will be disbursed through PeopleSoft (LOUIE) for the term during which the student studies abroad through an NAU program. All qualifying students are encouraged to apply.

Submit the application form and the required attachments at Babbitt Academic Annex (Bldg 23) Room 108, unless you are currently studying abroad; in which case, email application with all attachments in a single email to (please, email option is only for those who are currently studying abroad). Click on this link to download the application form: Laski Scholarship Application.

Vera Laski

This Fund is established through a bequest from Dr. Vera Laski, late of Cave Creek, Arizona, by her Last Will and Testament. Dr. Laski fled Berlin as one of the very first women in the early 1900's to receive a jurisprudence degree in Germany. She was also affiliated with the Sorbonne before immigrating to the United States via Haiti. Vera Laski was a published writer of plays, poetry, and fiction as well as one of the first anthropology scholars to focus on the Southwest. Vera Laski's collection of Southwestern artifacts is housed in the former Museum für Völkerkunde (now Ethnologisches Museum) in Dahlem/Berlin. Upon request, each Laski Scholarship recipient is given a copy of an article on Dr. Laski from International Fiction Review that was published shortly before Laski's death after years of interviews conducted by Dr. Marilya Veteto Reese.