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Frequently asked questions

Common questions from new and potential NAU students

About NAU

Learn about the NAU campus, orientation, and more.

Where is the NAU campus located?

Northern Arizona University (NAU) is located in the Southwestern United States next to California, Nevada, and Colorado in the city of Flagstaff, Arizona. Flagstaff is situated at 2,200 meters in altitude, enjoys an alpine climate, and is consistently rated one of the best college towns in the United States.

What is the weather like in Flagstaff?

Flagstaff has four seasons and boasts an average of 287 sunny days per year. The average summer temperature is 25 degrees Celsius, while our average winter temperature is 5 degrees Celsius. Additionally, Flagstaff receives an average of two meters of snowfall annually.

How safe is the campus?

NAU is the safest public university campus in Arizona! Many people walk and bike around campus and the city.

Can I go on a campus tour?

Yes! During international student orientation, you will have the opportunity to join a campus tour led by one of our current international students. Prior to your arrival at NAU, you can go on a virtual tour of the NAU campus and nearby locations in northern Arizona.

Admissions criteria and process

What are NAU’s application deadlines?

We recommend that you apply for admission as early as possible, as the US visa application, NAU application, and acceptance process can take four to six months or longer. After we have received all the required documents, we will make an admission decision and tell you within two weeks.

Undergraduate priority deadlines:

  • fall semester: apply by March 1 to begin classes in August
  • spring semester: apply by September 15 to begin classes in January

Note: applications are accepted year-round, but your starting date will be determined by each semester’s application deadlines.

Graduate application deadlines vary by program.

Can I study at NAU if I am not proficient in English?

Yes! Undergraduate students can join our Program in Intensive English (PIE).  You can receive conditional admission to NAU and be fully admitted upon completion of the program. To participate, all you need is a Duolingo score of 55, TOEFL 20, or IELTS 4.

Graduate students must meet the minimum English proficiency at the time of application submission.

What is the tuition rate for me?

Undergraduate, PIE, or exchange students: visit the tuition and fees page for the estimated cost of attendance.

Graduate students: visit the international graduate program admission page for the estimated cost of attendance.

When do I pay my tuition and what are the rules for refunds?

Check your LOUIE account and the important payment dates page for more information.  Please review other FAQs related to enrollment, payment deadlines, and refund policies at Student and Departmental Account Services.

Do you accept transfer credit?

If your university is recognized by the Ministry of Education in your home country, or if your university is accredited by one of the US regional accrediting bodies, we will accept transfer credit.

Students can receive up to 90 credits from a four-year institution and up to 64 credits from a two-year institution. Students must submit official post-secondary transcripts and course descriptions in English and have a grade of C or better. Transfer credit will not be awarded for ESL classes or classes lower than 100 level. The academic department will decide how many transfer credits will count towards your degree.

Visit our transfer student information page to find out more about policy details.

How do I transfer my I-20 to NAU?

After you are admitted, you will receive admission documents with a transfer form.  Take the transfer form to your current immigration advisor. Please email if you need a mailed or hard copy of this form.

Visit our transfer student information page to find out more about the policy details.

What is the NAU academic calendar?

NAU is on a semester system. The fall semester begins in August and ends in December, while the spring semester begins in January and ends in May.

How do I enroll in classes?

After you have been admitted and have scheduled a student visa appointment, you will be able to enroll in classes with help from an academic advisor through our LOUIE system.

NAU campus life

Student Union at sunset

Where can I live on campus?

Students taking photos

What student clubs and organizations can I join?

Obtaining a student visa

Do I need a visa to study in the United States?

Yes. International undergraduate and graduate students need to obtain an F-1 visa. International exchange students need to obtain a J-1 visa.

What are the steps to obtain a student visa?

You will need to complete a visa interview at the US Embassy or Consulate in your home country. Explore helpful information about the required steps to obtain a student visa.

Arrival in the United States

Is there an orientation available for international students?

Yes! International students must complete both the online International Lumberjack Orientation prior to arrival in the United States as well as attend an in-person orientation at NAU prior to the start of classes. These will help you succeed academically, professionally, and culturally.

During orientation, you will learn about important immigration regulations with your student visa as they pertain to full-time enrollment and on-campus jobs. You will also have opportunities to attend social events with other new international students, go on a campus tour, and learn more about student resources available at NAU and in the city of Flagstaff.

Attendance and completion of international student orientation is mandatory for all new international students.

How should I book my travel to NAU?

The most convenient option is to fly directly to Flagstaff Pulliam Airport which is only a five-minute drive from the NAU campus. International students may also fly to Phoenix, Arizona, then book shuttle transportation to Flagstaff. More information about booking travel and initial arrival to the United States is available through International Student and Scholar Services.