The Whale Foundation



In loving remembrance of Curtis “Whale” Hansen, the Whale Foundation provides:

  • confidential access to mental and physical health care professionals
  • a network of support services deigned to restore, promote, and celebrate the well-being of the Grand Canyon River Guiding Community

The Whale Foundation (WF) is a non-profit (501 c-3) organization dedicated providing Grand Canyon river guides with access to a variety of direct services including:

  • confidential mental health counseling
  • medical family practice professionals
  • financial planners
  • health insurance brokers
  • career counseling
  • life coaching
  • post-secondary educational scholarship funds


The WF is seeking a student intern to:

  • assist with grant writing research and development
  • research and identify funding organizations or sources that are compatible with the WF mission
  • develop a grant proposal “template” to assist in all grant proposals
  • prepare and submit least one grant proposal by the end of the internship period


For more information, visit the organization’s website or contact Dan Hall by email or at (810) 522-8822.