Flagstaff Family YMCA After Care



At the Flagstaff Family YMCA After Care, we provide a healthy atmosphere fostering strong kids, families, and a stronger community.  Through projects and activities, we promote the four core values of the Y: 

  • caring
  • respect
  • responsibility
  • honesty


Intern duties:

  • check in kids
  • provide help with homework
  • tutor students who need it
  • facilitate activities for kids who don’t have homework


Interns who come to volunteer for the YMCA will:

  • go through trainings just like an employee
  • be a positive role model at all times, even outside of the after-school setting
  • give undivided attention to the students (no texting or phone conversations while working with children)


For more information, visit the organization’s website or contact Lindsey Combe.