Arizona PIRG


For 35 years, students have united under the Student PIRGs (Public Interest Research Group) to face up to society's big problems, take action, and win concrete changes that improve the quality of our lives. 

The Student PIRGs are independent state-based student organizations that work to solve public interest problems related to:

  • the environment
  • consumer protection
  • government reform

Our student-lead board has set up campaigns around the major issues students will face when they graduate -- from global warming to endangered species, from staggering student debt rates to high textbook costs, from the escalating cost and declining quality of health care to the plight of the hungry and homeless. Students work closely with trained PIRG staff to:

  • develop their leadership skills
  • learn to successfully plan and organize winning campaigns
  • get national media attention

Through the Arizona PIRG student internship program, you’ll get involved in the issues that matter most to you, as well as learn a wide-range of organizing skills and tactics. Internships provide the opportunity to take education out of the classroom, to do hands-on work, to learn important skills, and to make a direct impact on public interest issues.

With an internship with Arizona PIRG, you might work to:

  • cut the costs of textbooks by educating faculty about cheaper alternatives
  • strengthen our democracy by turning out students to vote
  • end our country’s addiction to oil by building support for mass transit and clean energy
  • directly address local poverty issues by organizing a Hunger Clean Up fundraiser event

Over the course of four weeks, you’ll learn how to recruit and manage other student volunteers, how to work with media, as well as how to work with other student groups and coalition partners. You’ll plan a large-scale campaign event that will take place during the third week of the internship.


  • Weekly hour-long internship class to learn basic organizing and activism skills
  • Recruiting a team of volunteers on campus
  • Writing press releases and contacting local media about your campaign and event
  • Gathering grassroots support for your campaign (petitions, letters, photos, etc.)
  • Reporting work to the field organizer


We are looking for motivated individuals who are willing to work hard and commit themselves to getting results. We value experience with campus groups or student government, academic achievement, commitment, and outstanding verbal, written, and leadership skills. But most of all, we look for people who find a way to make a difference.


Learn more online. Please contact Diane Brown, field organizer for the internship program, with any questions.