Sociology Undergraduate Internships (SOC 408)

Take what you learned in class and apply it to the real world.  A coordinator will help you secure an internship, usually with an agency, where you will work as an employee for one semester, and receive 3-12 credit hours toward your degree. 

Benefits of internships

Not only will it look great on your resume for future opportunities, but you will get outside the classroom and see how the real world operates.  An internship will enhance your education by providing you with experiences you wouldn’t get in school.  Some internships may even lead to a job offer.

Internship examples

Students in the past have interned with:

  • Adult probation
  • Catholic Social Services
  • Northland Family Help Center
  • Victim/Witness counseling

See more internship opportunities. 


  • previous internships completed before SOC 408 will not be awarded credit
  • you may not intern at an agency where you’re currently employed without prior approval of the internship coordinator (Dr. Ferraro) and your work supervisor
  • you must be of junior-level standing
  • you must be a sociology major

Apply now

  1. Fill out an application and turn it in to the Sociology and Social Work department office (SBS building, room 330). 

Application deadlines:

  • Fall internship-April 1
  • Spring internship-November 15
  • Summer internship-April 1
  • After you turn in the application, your coordinator will contact you within three weeks of the application deadline.
  • If you are selected by the agency to intern, you must complete the agency’s hire requirements.
  • Once you are selected, complete the sociology internship contract and turn it in to your coordinator.  Then you can register for SOC 408.

Before you start the internship

Before you start your internship, your coordinator will give you a syllabus that states your responsibilities, such as:

  • keeping a daily log (see a sample log
  • writing a paper at the end of the internship that discusses:
    • the mission of the agency
    • your role within the agency
    • the sociological concepts and/or theories that were relevant to your experience
  • periodic meetings with the internship coordinator

Work hours into credit hours

1 credit=50 hours of interning per semester

Spring and fall semesters - 15 weeks 



10 hrs/week

3 credit hours

20 hrs/week

6 credit hours

30 hrs/week

9 credit hours

40 hrs/week

12 credit hours

Summer semester - 10 weeks 



20 hrs/week

4 credit hours

30 hrs/week

6 credit hours

40 hrs/week

9 credit hours