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Joe and Kit Troxler Fund (1537)

The family of Dr. Joseph Troxler, Emeritus Professor of Mechanical Engineering, recently established the Joe and Kit Troxler Fund-a scholarship endowment to honor Dr. Troxler’s life and work, and to remember his wife, Kit.

Dr. Troxler was part of the original group of professors hired to start an engineering college at what was to become Northern Arizona University.

During his tenure at Northern Arizona University, he held numerous positions and levels of responsibility and started several programs. Alumni will remember that Dr. Troxler was deeply involved with the Mechanical Engineering students’ dune buggy races, and traveled with the team. He was also Associate Dean of Engineering, President of the University Heights Association and ran the co-op program matching students with employers around the state.

Kit supported Joe in his career and spent her time volunteering in the community. Their home was always open to students, staff and faculty, alike.

Given their enduring commitment to students, this fund was created to allow Joe and Kit to continue to assist in the education of current engineering students.


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Science and Math Discovery Fund (4953)


Science Laboratory Building Fund (5009)
For equipment purchases.

Louis Agassiz Prize for Excellence in Writing (5062)
This prize was established to encourage undergraduate science and engineering students to enhance the quality of their expository writing skills through an essay writing competition. Awards go to the top three essays.

Biological Sciences

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Biology Department fund (4002)

Biology scholarships (4418)
For equipment purchases.

Discovery Research Laboratories for Women’s Health (5038)
The Discovery Research Laboratories for Women’s Health create and advance research programs to address the most pressing healthcare problems affecting women everywhere.

Dr. James Rominger Scholarship (1332)
This scholarship is intended to help support the education of undergraduate Biology students showing an interest in the plant sciences.

Exercise Science scholarships (4867)

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Richard Shand Award for Outstanding Undergraduate Research (5055)
This fund was established to honor the dedication and success of Dr. Richard Shand, microbiology professor at NAU. This fund is intended to help support undergraduate research in microbiology.

Chemistry and Biochemistry

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Chemistry Department Discretionary Fund (4058)

Chemistry Student Research Fund (5078)

Nancy and Henry Wettaw Chemistry Awards (1227)
Dr. John F. Wettaw, Professor of Chemistry established this scholarship in memory of his parents to honor the Chemistry Department for its excellence in teaching and research, and to provide important financial support for Arizona’s students in chemistry.

Physical Sciences Research and Technology Transfer Endowment (1440)
The funds from this endowment are used to support student-centered research and precipitate subsequent technology transfer to industry.

Scott Savage Scholarship (1364)
The Scott Savage Scholarship is awarded to undergraduate Chemistry students who are active in extracurricular activities at NAU.

Clint Lane Chemistry Scholarship (5085)
The Clint Lane Chemistry Scholarship was established to honor the life and dedication of NAU chemistry research professor Dr. Clinton Lane, and to support students who are passionate about chemistry.

Environmental Sciences

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Environmental Sciences and Education Department Fund (4314)

Environmental Science Scholarships (4342)

John W. Prather Scholarship (5020)
John was a scientist who combined research with a love of people and nature. At Northern Arizona University, his research focused on GIS-based wildlife habitat modeling, fire behavior modeling, and assessment of accuracy and uncertainty in GIS models in ponderosa pine forests of the southwestern United States. His work on the ForestERA Project helped land managers assess how various management options might affect biodiversity on their properties. This scholarship is intended to support graduate student research in conservation biology.


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Geology Department Fund (4109)

Geology Department scholarships (4110)

Geology graduate student scholarships (5034)

Friday Lunch Club (4547)
Sponsored by Geology alumni to support geologic oriented student activities.

Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals

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Institute for Tribal Environmental Professionals (80123)

Virgil Masayesva Fund (1462)
This fund helps to support students pursuing environmental careers and to further the environmental education opportunities for Native American students. This fund is preferably awarded to Native American students who are sophomores or above.

Mathematics and Statistics

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Mathematics and Statistics Department Fund (4159)

Department of Mathematics and Statistics award fund ( 1410)

Math scholarships (4364)

J. Harvey Butchart Scholarship for Mathematical Achievement (1382)
This prize is awarded annually to a single math student with the highest GPA.

Physics and Astronomy

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Physics and Astronomy Department fund (4600)

Physics award fund (1070)

NAU Observatory (4184)
Funds designated to purchase a new telescope for NAU’s historic observatory.

Richard Hayes Memorial Scholarship (4918)
This fund, established in the memory or Physics and Astronomy student, Richard Hayes provides scholarships for a deserving junior, senior or graduate student majoring in physics and astronomy.


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Engineering Innovation Fund (4085)
Flexible funds that allow the Dean to respond to emerging opportunities for faculty and students.

Christopher Todd Memorial Scholarship (1476)
This scholarship honoring the life and achievements of engineering alumnus Christopher Todd. It is awarded to engineering students.

Delia Gonzales Martinez Memorial Engineering Scholarship (1128)
This scholarship is awarded to undergraduate engineering students with a preference for minority women.

Engineering Minority Fund (4208)
Funds to support the outreach and tutoring offered through the Multicultural Engineering Program.

Multicultural Engineering Education (4007)

Engineering Design4Practice (4321)
This fund helps to support the Design4Practice program which teaches students about the details of the product realization process by simulating a corporate engineering environment. Design is incorporated into all 4 years of an engineering student’s curriculum.

Civil Eng & Environmental Eng Student Projects (4740)
This fund supports specific upper division student projects such as the ASCE and WERC competitions and other Capstone type projects, and includes the purchase of supplies, student and faculty advisor travel to student team competitions or conference attendance to present undergraduate research findings.

Civil Eng and Environmental Eng Programs (4482)
This fund supports both student and faculty development, such as supplies for student projects, travel to student team competitions, field trips, conference attendance to present research findings, attendance at workshops designed to enhance teaching skills, and attendance at program and accreditation related workshops and conferences.

Civil Eng and Env Eng Scholarships (4604)

Construction Management

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Construction Management Scholarships (4617)

Clair Hill Student Activity Support Fund (1370)
This fund supports student association and AGC activities, competitions, field trips, and conference attendance. Faculty sponsors for these events are also eligible for support.

Electrical Engineering

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Electrical Engineering Department (4484)

Engineering Electrical Scholarships (4599)

Randy Sherman Scholarship (1441)
The Randy Sherman Scholarship honors the life and achievements of electrical engineering alum Randy Sherman. This scholarship is intended for undergraduate juniors and seniors and graduate students majoring in electrical engineering and demonstrate financial need.

Mechanical Engineering

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Mechanical Engineering Department (4481)

Engineering Mechanical Scholarships (4601)

Joe and Kit Troxler Fund (1537)
This is a scholarship endowment to honor Professor Troxler’s life and work, and to remember his wife, Kit. Given their enduring commitment to students, this fund was created to allow Joe and Kit to continue to assist in the education of current engineering students.

Sustainable Energy Solutions (4949)
Sustainable Energy Solutions’ goal is to provide society with broadly educated energy experts and new technologies, as well as to help shape energy decision-making in both the private and public sectors while increasing the public's energy literacy. This fund helps to support these goals.