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Each semester you’ll meet with the Student Services Coordinator to make sure you remain on track academically and:

Note: if you’re a first year student, you will be co-advised by the Gateway Student Success Center and the forestry Student Services Coordinator.

Marisol Holder
Academic Advisor, Sr.

Student Resource Contacts

At the School of Forestry, we are committed to providing students the most up to date information on academia, career resources and requirements, job opportunities, scholarship information, and NAU resources. Our team of professionals is dedicated to your success here in the School of Forestry and is here for any questions, concerns or comments you may have during your time here at NAU.

Application to the Professional Program

Application to the junior and senior year of the Forestry program, also known as the Professional Program, occurs the spring of a student’s sophomore year, after students have completed the required pre-professional coursework (either at NAU or by approved transfer credit). Full details on forestry degree requirements and the application process can be found in the Forestry Advising Packet.

Pre-Professional GPA Calculator

Grade management is an essential tool when evaluating your GPA readiness for the Professional program. Students apply to the School of Forestry Professional Program the spring of their sophomore year. The application process is where the students submit the Professional Forestry Program application to the Student Services Coordinator, ensuring sure they have taken all the required Pre-professional Coursework with a grade a C or higher, and ensures they have a minimum GPA of 2.75. With these two requirements met, the student is ready to begin Semester A of the Professional Program the fall of their junior year. Regular advising with the Student Services Coordinator each semester is critical and helps students stay on track with their grades and course progression so the application process is a smooth transition.

Download GPA Calculator English 101-102 (Excel .xlsx)
Download GPA Calculator English 105 (Excel .xlsx)

Writing tutors

Polished writing skills are crucial to your career development, and our writing tutor is dedicated to helping you enhance those skills—including assistance in improving the overall quality and clarity of lab reports, research papers, and other forestry-related assignments.

Forestry transfer student information

Begin making your switch to Northern Arizona University’s School of Forestry with our transfer student information.

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From advising check sheets to degree progression plans, we have the forms you need.