Our mission is to promote academic and personal success. Within the university and the communities we serve, we partner to provide student-centered programs and services, valuing student learning, diversity and responsible citizenship.

  • CSP

    Academic Support

    Take advantage of the many support programs designed to help you succeed academically—from advising and tutoring to skill-building and research opportunities.

  • First gen new
    First gen new

    Campus Resources

    Push the boundaries of what you think is possible with programming and support to help you grow and succeed and connect with others. You’ll find specialized programming for first generation students, Native American and transfer students, as well as veteran services, career development and more.

  • calderon

    Get Involved

    Students who participate in campus activities are more likely to succeed academically—plus, it's a great way to meet new people who share your same interests and goals.

  • EOC new
    EOC new

    College-Bound Outreach

    Learning assistance and education to provides  junior high, high school, college and returning adult students with the skills they need to succeed.

Student Learning & Development Outcomes

Relying heavily on the Council for the Advancement of Standards in Higher Education’s (CAS) Frameworks for Assessing Learning and Development Outcomes (FALDO) (Stayhorn, 2006) and the revised CAS Learning and Development Outcomes (CAS, 2008), our framework of student learning and development domains was created to be a resource for practitioners within Enrollment Management & Student Affairs (EMSA). More specifically, the framework serves as an organized description of desired outcomes of our collective work, provides a common language for our efforts, is useful for developing program objectives and related assessments, and is linked to theory that guides our practice. Furthermore, our articulation of a common set of learning and development outcomes for EMSA provides the division with a tool to guide strategic planning efforts and professional development of staff. Importantly, such a tool also enables staff to clearly communicate the benefits of involvement in EMSA to students themselves.