Nizhoni Academy

STEM Based Pre-College Summer Enrichment Program Designed to Provide Native American High School Youth with College based Experiences.

Mission and Background

Northern Arizona University's Nizhoni Academy established in 1984 continues to serve as a bridge for Native American high school students to strengthen their academic skills, increase retention to graduate from high school, and to confidently enter post-secondary education. The mission of the Academy is to empower students to develop academic, emotional, interpersonal, citizenship, leadership and life-long learning skills in order to achieve personal growth and life success. Students learn to balance their academic expectations and their community responsibilities.

The Nizhoni Academy, is a pre-college enrichment program designed to prepare Native American High School students to become successful college students. The program is comprised of an annual four-six week academic and residential program held on the campus of Northern Arizona University in Flagstaff, Arizona. Nizhoni emphasizes rigorous STEM academic instruction, a clear understanding of the demands of college studies, and high academic competency and study skills necessary to be successful student in post-secondary education.

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