MA in Applied Sociology admissions


Our application deadline is February 15 for fall admission. Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis until May 1. Applicants interested in graduate teaching assistantships should have all application materials submitted by the February 15 deadline. 

Procedure to Apply

1. Submit an online application . . .

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  1. Submit an online application. You will be required to submit a written statement of interest/intent with the application. We use the statement to:
    • give us an impression of your needs, interests, and goals and the "fit" between these and what our department can provide during the time you will be studying with us
    • serve as an example of your writing skills; it will be used in conjunction with your writing sample in assessing your application
    • The statement of interest should be around 1000 words or two typed pages and should include:
      • how you became and/or why you are interested in the discipline of sociology
      • your career goals and why you decided to pursue a master's degree in Applied Sociology
      • why you chose to apply to Northern Arizona University's program. If the department perceives that our projected departmental resources (e.g., particular faculty will be going on leave, sabbatical, etc.) cannot meet your expressed needs, we will so advise you. However, your application for admission will still be considered if you so desire.
  2. Send official transcripts of all your undergraduate and graduate work to the Graduate College:
  3. Graduate College
    Northern Arizona University
    Box 4125
    Flagstaff, AZ 86011

  4. Submit three letter of recommendation forms (required) and an example of your written work (optional, but highly recommended) to:
  5. Graduate Program Director—Sociology
    Northern Arizona University
    Box 15300
    Flagstaff, AZ 86011-5300

Letter of recommendation forms

The letter of recommendation forms should be completed by people who are familiar with your academic work and potential. Since this is a program in applied sociology, it is preferable that your references convey the level of your commitment to stated future plans. Letters may be attached to the recommendation forms, but the forms are required.

Written work example

Although it is not required, we highly recommend submitting an example of your written work. Typically, students will submit a paper they have written for a prior class. Written expression is central to both your academic progress and to virtually all professions you might enter as an applied sociologist.

Graduate assistantships and financial aid

For new students, the online application will also serve as your graduate assistant application for Sociology Department assistantships. 

International applicants 

Please review the International Applicants admission information on the Graduate College's website. 

Admission status

You may be admitted into the program on either regular or provisional status. 

Regular status

To be eligible for admission on regular status, you must have an undergradu­ate degree (or one pending) in sociology or a related field with a minimum grade point average of 3.0 (on a 4.0 scale). 

Provisional status

If your undergraduate grade point average is between 2.75 and 3.0, you may be admitted to the program on provisional status.  To be advanced to regular status from provisional, you must complete 9 credit hours of graduate coursework approved by the department's graduate coordinator with a 3.0, or higher, grade point average.

You may be placed in provisional status if you do not have an undergraduate degree in sociology or a substantial back­ground in sociology coursework.  To advance to regular status, you will be required to pass selected undergraduate courses with a grade of A or B. The credit hours earned in these undergraduate courses will not count toward the 36 hour requirement for your degree.

Below are the undergraduate courses you may be asked to complete prior to your graduate work.  However, depending on your back­ground, you may be allowed to take the prerequisite course(s) concurrently with the beginning courses of your graduate program:

  • SOC 101 - Introduction to Sociology
  • SOC 201 - Development of Sociological Thought
  • SOC 355 - Research Methods
  • SOC 365 - Social Statistics