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Kira Bauer, PhD

  • Instructor, School of Communications, Northern Arizona University
  • "The Inclusion of Non-Monetary Values into Water Management"
Jim Buthman, PhD
  • Visiting Lecturer, Department of Political Science, Stetson University
  • "Empowered: Renewable Energy, Western States, and the Bureau of Land Management"
Heather Farley, PhD
  • Instructor, Political Science, College of Coastal Georgia 
  • "Interpreting Sustainability: An Analysis of Sustainable Development Narratives among Developed Nations"

Daniel Ogbaharya, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Western Illinois University
  • "Change and Continuity in Natural Resources Management in Ethiopia and Namibia: A Historical Institutional Analysis"
Jane Whitmore, PhD
  • Senior Researcher at RCI Surveys, Inc.
  • "The Yavapai County Water Dispute: A Power and Politics Analysis"

Justin Ervin, PhD

  • Assistant Professor, Gateway Community & Technical College
  • "Beef as Unequal Ecological Exchange: Case Studies in Brazil, Uruguay, and Argentina"

Ben Jones, PhD

  • "The Paradox of Indigenous Sovereignty and American Democracy: Discourse Exclusion in Navajo Water Rights"

John Sagala, PhD

  • "Public Law 108-25, US Foreign Policy, and the HIV/AIDS Pandemic in Sub-Saharan Africa"
Daniel Suhr, PhD
  • Director of Research and Development, inXol, in Phoenix, AZ.
  • "Globalization and the Community: A Case Study of NAFTA's Impact on Nogales, Sonora, Mexico"

T. Mark Montoya, PhD 

  • Lecturer, Ethnic Studies Program, Northern Arizona University
  • "Borderdom: Citizenship in the U.S.-Mexico Borderlands"

Anna Nalwood, PhD

  • "The Meaning of Sovereignty to the Diné: A Study of Urban Phoenix Navajo"
Naomi Pinion, PhD
  • Lecturer, Northern Arizona University
  • "The National Security Imaginary: The Challenge of Same-Sex Marriage in the US"
Sara Rinfret Rose, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Hartwick College
  • "Changing the Rules: Interest Groups and Federal Environmental Rulemaking"

Rob Breen, SFO, PhD

  • Environmental Policy Analyst, New York Department of State
  • "Determining the Level of Ecosystem Management within the Forest Plans of the US Forest Service"
Karen Jarratt-Snider, PhD
  • Assistant Professor, Applied Indigenous Studies, Northern Arizona University
  • "Meaningful Participation in Environmental Justice: Policy Designs and Implications for Re-envisioning, reinstating, and reinforcing tribal sovereignty"
Aaron Mason, PhD
  • Associate Professor of Political Science, Northwestern Oklahoma State University
  • "The Evolving Nature of Federalism: The Tribal-State Relationship"
Marda Mustapha, PhD
  • Associate Professor of Political Science, The College of Saint Rose
  • "International Political Economy of HIV/AIDS Prevention: Lessons from Sierra Leone and Uganda"
Isa Ponce-Jiminez, PhD
  • "Wayuu Women: Indigenous Responses to Neoliberal Adjustments and Constitutional Reforms in Columbia"
Edythe Weeks, PhD
  • Adjunct Faculty, Northern Arizona University
  • "The Politics of Space Law in the Post Cold War Era: Understanding Regime Change"

Kurt Fenske, PhD

  • Instructor, Public Agency Management, Northern Arizona University
  • "Privitization in Developing Countries from a Populist Perspective: A Case Study of Malawi"

Amy Gould, PhD

  • Evergreen State College
  • "Social Differences and Management Styles: A Study of Conformity"
Osaro Ighodaro, PhD
  • Vice President of Student Affairs, South Mountain Community College
  • "The Political Economy of the Oil and the Niger Delta Crisis"

Eva Barraza, PhD

  • Part Time Faculty, Coconino Community College
  • "Central American Immigrants and the Democratization of Los Angeles: La Cadena de Opresion y la Resistencia" 

Runa Das, PhD

  • Associate Professor of Political Science, University of Minnesota, Duluth
  • "Encountering Hindutva: Reading Security, and Engendering a Hindu Masculinity in India's Nuclear Policies, Late 1990s"

Julie Smith (formerly Atkins), PhD

  • Electricity Policy Analyst, Department of Energy
  • "The Endocrine Disruptor Hypothesis: Scientists, Values, and Agenda-Setting in Environmental Policy Making"

Michael Sanchez, PhD

  • Program Coordinator, San Antonio College
  • "Democracy in Puerto Rico: A Cultural Interpretive Approach"

Jessica Urban, PhD 

  • Assistant Professor, Women's Studies and Multicultural Queer Studies Program, Humbolt State University
  • "The Politics of Blame: Nation, Immigration, and Environmental Security in International Relations"

Peter Jacques, PhD

  • Associate Professor, Department of Political Science, University of Central Florida
  • "A Green Peace? Connections Between Environmental Policy and Foreign Policy"
Grenetta (Fink) Thomassey, PhD
  • Policy Analyst, Tipp of the Mitt Watershed Council
  • "A Comparative Analysis of United States Groundwater Managements Regimes: Testing an Ideal Type"

Secody Hubbard, PhD

  • Environmental Protection Agency
  • "The Discourses of Federal Indian Policy: Intergovernmental Policy Management, Structures and Conflict Resolution"

Natalina Monteiro, PhD

  • Associate Professor Santa Monica College
  • "The Political Economy of Informal Markets; Restructuring Economies, Gender and Women's Lives in Maputo, Mozambique"
Jerald Mast, PhD
  • Associate Professor of Political Science, Carthage College
  • "Clarifying Ambiguity: Public Policy, Contingent Valuation and the Consideration of Environmental Values"
Elaine Rodriquez, PhD
  • Visiting Assistant Profess, History and Political Science, New Mexico Highlands University

Janet Carey, PhD

  • Contract teaching assignments with Metropolitan State College of Denver
  • Colorado Freelance Paralegal Network
  • "Continuing Cultural Viability via Cultural Tourism as an Economic Survival Project for Pueblo Indian People"
Patrick Holman, PhD
  • Senior Program Analyst, Office of Nuclear Energy at the United States Department of Energy
  • "Institutional Theory and Institutional Change: Ecosystem Management and the United States Forest Service"
Philip Pappas, PhD
  • Financial Advisor at Ameriprise Financial
  • "Tourism, the Impacts of Power, and the Development of Policy: An Inter-Disciplinary Approach"
John Seyb, PhD
  • Coconino County Department of Health Services
  • "Enhancing Public Participation in Discussion of Waste Facility Siting through Risk Communication"

Joely Proudfit (formerly DeLaTorre), PhD

  • Associate Professor of Sociology and Native Studies at California State University
  • "Interpreting Power: The Power and Politics of Tribal Gaming in Southern California"

Ahmed Ismail, PhD

  • Instructor, College of the Siskiyous
  • "Challenging Regionalism, Trade Integration and Globalization: Development Integration Theory and the Southern Africa Development Community"
Jianqiang Li, PhD
  • Associate Professor of East Asian Politics, Social Sciences Department, University of Houston-Downtown
  • "State and Opposition: A Study of State Capacity and Loyal Dissent in Mao's China"




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