Sarah "Mae" Pope

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Currently a senior at Northern Arizona University graduating in Spring 2012 with a B.S. in Bology (Biomedical emphasis) and Psychology. Experience in research and community service has primed me for a future in medicine and/or translational research. Ultimately, my career goal is to integrate scientific methods and practices to promote healthier communities and individuals.

Research Interests 

As a URM scholar, I conduct research with Dr. Catherine Propper on the potential impact of an environmentally relevant chemical on in vitro ovarian tissue using Xenopus laevis as a model organism.  Other research interests include:

Sarah Pope Presentation
Physiology of Stress

As part of Dr. Birkett’s lab, we investigate biomarkers of stress and anxiety within the student demographic. Ongoing projects include examination of potential natural anxiolytics, endocrine and immune response to social stress, as well as use and attitudes regarding psychotropic supplement products.

Biology of Positive Psychology

Questions to guide prospective studies include:

  • In what ways are positive traits such as resiliency, integrity, compassion and creativity manifested within brain structure and function?
  • Can practices such as meditation, biofeedback, or well-being therapy be included within workplaces, hospitals and schools to promote satisfaction, health and productivity?

Sarah Pope Gardening
Interests and hobbies

Being a student and working full-time has kept me busy for the past four years, yet I have been lucky enough to devote energy into other interests as well. Most notably, I love to spend time outside and make sure to do so through distance running and gardening.

Sarah Pope starfish
Whenever I have the opportunity to travel, the destination leads to natural beauty forests, floral gardens, ocean…

Feeling connected to the place where I live and community within it is important to me and I have been fortunate enough to strengthen my ties to NAU and Arizona as a whole with Cardinal Key. Cardinal Key National Honor society is an academic group that unites student leaders through participation in community service. Volunteer projects taken on by Cardinal Key include blood drives, fundraising for juvenile diabetes research (JDRF), Relay for Life, and meal preparation for the Flagstaff Family Food Bank.

Sarah Pope Cooking Sarah Pope with a puppy

When at home, I enjoy keeping indoor plants green and beautiful, cuddling with cute-little-cute dogs and cooking. I also delight in writing (both fiction and non-fiction) and wish I had more time for pleasure reading.

To encourage physical and emotional well-being, yoga or meditation are kept as daily practices. I also try to devote a moment at the end of the day to share a cup of tea with family and friends.