Callie Davis

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I am a senior at Northern Arizona University. I am finishing a BS degree in Biomedical Sciences and a BA degree in Spanish Linguistics. I am working towards a well-rounded education with diversified internships and research opportunities.

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Utah Department of Transportation ( ecosystems/eei/ut08.asp)

Research Interests

Dwarf Bear Poppy is a listed endangered native species 1979. It’s unique and limited habitat is further threatened by off road vehicles (ORVs). Our research is to determine effects of current ORV use via Geospatial Information System (GIS) analysis of bear poppy habitat and road-density. Our goal is to quantify the actual population of bear poppy and impacts of ORV use. We hope to prioritize bear poppy protection and secure its unique role in southwestern Utah’s biodiversity. 

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I have put an emphasis of diversifying my education as much as possible. It has been challenging, but I now appreciate progressing and strengthening my weaknesses. Through my honors classes and research opportunities, I can understand the fundamentals of research in day-to-day experiences.

The URM program has opened my mind to new possibilities towards my future. I am now preparing for a career that will include research and is not limited to just biomedical sciences.  


2011-2012 URM Scholar

I worked with Dr. Matthew Bowker, Ph.D. to determine if off road vehicles (ORV) have impacted Dwarf Bear Poppy populations in St. George, Utah. The goals of our research were to determine current and potential habitats by use of GIS modeling and prioritized such habitats for further protection.

WL Gore & Associates - Summer 2011

I worked under Dr. John Fisher, Ph.D. as a laboratory technician. I focused primarily on protein analysis. I performed electrophoresis, SDS-PAGE, and Western Blotting to identify proteins.

Other interests

Although education is my priority, I have always tried to make time for balanced and healthy life.

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Since my days in 4-H, I have emphasized volunteering and being a positive impact on my community. The programs that I feel are the most important in my community are Big Brothers Big Sisters, Grand Canyon Trust, Flagstaff Medical Center: Emergency Department, Relay for Life, Hispanic Honor Society, High Country Pony Club, and the Coconino Horseman Alliance.

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Being part of my community has taught me valuable lessons and better appreciations for northern Arizona, both of the people and the land. My six years with the Big Brothers Big Sisters volunteer program has shown me how important relationships are between children and the adults in their lives.  I have been lucky enough to maintain my BBBS match with Kenzie for five years. Through those years I have seen how much both Kenzie and I have matured. My time spent with Coconino Horseman Alliance and Grand Canyon Trust has shown me the importance and complications of land-use in northern Arizona. I now see that the sustainability and protection of land in northern Arizona are important factors for the state.

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When I am not studying or volunteering, I make time for both competitive and leisure horseback riding. I also enjoy mountain and road biking with friends as well as river rafting. I recently made time to go on a river rafting trip on the San Juan River which I thoroughly enjoyed.