Cosmogenic 3He surface-exposure dating of young volcanic features

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This disciplinary project, supervised by mentor Dr. Joe Licciardi, is focused on determining the eruptive history of young volcanic features in the San Francisco volcanic field using cosmogenic 3He surface exposure dating.  Student project tasks will include an initial phase of field work involving surficial mapping and sampling of scoria cones and lava flows, followed by preparation of mineral separates and laboratory measurement of helium isotopes in laboratories at the University of New Hampshire, Massachusetts Institute of Technology, and the Woods Hole Oceanographic Institution.  Students will then work on the interpretation of combined field observations and isotopic data to reconstruct a detailed chronology of volcanic events in the volcanic field.  Theexposure-age determinations also include measurement of magmatic 3He/4He values, which will allow students to contribute insight on the geochemical evolution of the San Francisco volcanic field and provide insight into magmatic processes.  Students will be strongly encouraged to prepare an abstract for a subsequent professional meeting and play a leading role in the eventual publication of project outcomes in peer-reviewed journals.  Likely cones to be studied include SP, Strawberry, Merriam, and Doney Craters.

Minimum academic requirements

Preference will be given to students with prior experience in field and laboratory settings.  This can be field trips and chemistry lab, but please be specific in your application!