Completed MS Theses - Geology

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Earth Science theses are at the end of the list


Donaghy, Erin, Structure, Stratigraphy, and Provenance of Eocene Sedimentary Rocks in the Chumstick Basin, Central Washington: M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 236 pgs (Umhoefer)


Cains, Amanda I. Paleogeographic Reconstructions and Stratigraphy of the Upper Thumb Member of the Horse Spring Formation, Western Lake Mead, NV, 244 pgs (Umhoefer)
Fisher, Andrew. Using Mineralogy and Geochemistry to Constrain Formation of Carbonates at NanTroSEIZE Reference Sites C0011, C0012, 163 pgs (Sample)
Griffith, Jonathan G. A Multi-Proxy Record of Holocene Paleoenvironmental and Paleoclimate Change at Lake Tokun, South-central Alaska, 116 pgs (Kaufman)
Hadley, Daniel R. Geomorphology and Vegetation Change at Colorado River Campsites, Marble and Grand Canyons, AZ, 160 pgs (Parnell and Grams)
Maloney, Patrick M. Melting Conditions of Basaltic Volcanism from Collision to Escape in the Central Anatolian Volcanic Province, Central Turkey, 159 pgs (Reid)
Paffett, Kyle P. Analysis of Springs Assessment Data for Stewardship in the Coconino and Kaibab National Forests, Northern Arizona, 95 pgs (Springer)
Rudzitis, Sean. Constraints on Melting Conditions of High Magnesium Basalts at the Southwestern Margins of the Colorado Plateau, 150 pgs (Reid)
Schmidt, Matthew, Structural and Basin Evolution of the Mud Hills, Lake Mead Miocene Extensional Domain, Nevada, M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 180 pgs (Umhoefer)
Solway, Daniel R. Structural Geology and Metamorphism of the Skin Gulch Area, Northern Front Range, Colorado, 128 pgs (Duebendorfer)
Wills, Marci A. A Metamorphic Pressure-Temperature Time Path from the Wood Hills, Elko County, Eastern Nevada, 89 pgs (Hoisch)


Boldt, Brandon R. A Multi-Proxy Approach to Reconstructing Holocene Climate Variability at Kurupa River Valley, Arctic Alsaka, 114 pgs (Kaufman)
Cochrane, Matt R. Paleo-Mesoproterozoic Deformation Recorded Within th eFive Points Shear Zone, Wet Mountains, Central Colorado, 184 pgs (Duebendorfer)
Hamlin, Jeffre W. Paleoproterozoic Deformational and Metamorphic History of the Buffalo Pass Region, Park Range, Colorado, 296 pgs (Duebendorfer)
Heger, Sarah E. Thermobarometry and Geochronology of Mid-Tertiary Alkalic Lavas, Chino Valley, Arizona: Relation to Metamorphic Core, 174 pgs (Riggs)
Johnson, Grace C. Sedimentological Analysis of the Middle Thumb Conglomerate, Miocene Horse Spring Formation, Lake Mead Region, NV, 213 pgs (Middleton)
Krawiec, Anne C.L. Holocene Tephronchronology and Storminess Inferred from Two Lakes on Adak Island, Alaska, 110 pgs (Kaufman)
Samra, Charles, Structure and Basin Evolution of the Western Gale Hills, Lake Mead Miocene Extensional Domain, Nevada, M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 210 pgs (Umhoefer)
Schaller, Elizabeth M. Isotopic Flow Determination and Geochemical and Geomorphic Impacts on Vegetation Cover for Western North American Springs Ecosystems, 132 pgs (Springer)
Wyatt, Clinton J.W. Estimating Aquifer Response Following Forest Restoration and Climate Change Along the Mogollon Rim, Northern Arizona, 101 pgs (Umhoefer)


Anderson, Zachary, Structure and Basin Evolution of the Eastern Gale Hills, Lake Mead Miocene Extensional Domain, Nevada, M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 190 pgs (Umhoefer)

Giovinazzo, Joseph. Deformation Band Characteristics in the Newport Inglewood Fault Damage Zone, Orange County, California, 200 pgs (Sample)


Donegan, Colleen. Dendrochemical Responses to the Eruption of Mount Saint Helens, Washington, 211 pgs (Ort) (Download thesis 12 Mb pdf)

Zelawski, Mallory. Marginal Deposits of Maar Volcanoes in the First Flat Mesa Area, Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field, Navajo Nation, Arizona, 412 pgs plus map (Ort) (Download thesis 19 Mb pdf)

Unema, Joel. Water-Magma Interaction and Plume Processes in the 2008 Okmok Eruption. 315 pgs (Ort) (Download thesis 25 Mb pdf)


Buchanan, Beverly, Uplifted Marine Terraces and Active Faulting along Southwestern La Paz Bay, Baja California Sur, México, M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 190 p.

Best, Joanne. Vent Processes and Deposits of a Hiatus in a Violent Eruption: Quilotoa Volcano, Ecuador, 349 pgs (Ort) (Download Best Thesis 27 Mb pdf)

Wagner, Rachelle. Miocene Fault and Basin Analysis, Northern Frenchman Mountain Block, Lake Mead Domain, Nevada, 217 pgs (Umhoefer) (Download Wagner Thesis 29 Mb pdf; Wagner Plate 1 45 Mb pdf)


Fortezzo, Corey. Geology, Geomorphology, and Hypsometry of Southeast Margaritifer Terra, Mars, and the Lower Escalante River, Utah, 113pgs. (Springer) (Download Fortezzo Thesis 4 Mb pdf; Appendicies)

Kassel, Christopher. Lacustrine Evidence from Mother Goose Lake of Holocene Geothermal Activity at Mount Chiginagak, Alaska Peninsula, 138pgs. (Kaufman) (Download Kassel Thesis 4 Mb pdf) 

Maloney, Sara. Late Quaternary Faulting History of the Northern El Carrizal Fault, Baja California Sur, Mexico. 196pgs. (Umhoefer) (Download Maloney Thesis 18 Mb pdf; Maloney Plate 1; Maloney Plate 2) 

Newkirk, Trenton. Anisotropy of Magnetic Susceptibility of Phreotomagmatic Surge Deposits, Hopi Buttes, Navajo Nation, Arizona, USA. 89pgs. (Ort) (Download Newkirk Thesis 75 Mb pdf)

Prante, Mitchell. Paleoproterozoic deformation and metamorphism in the Peacock Mountains, northwest Arizona: implications for Paleoproterozoic tectonics, 101pgs. (Duebendorfer) (Download Prante Thesis 6 Mb pdf; Prante Plate 1)

Roop, Heidi. Climate influence on varve sedimentation at Cascade Lake, Ahklun Mountains, southwestern Alaska, 82pgs. (Kaufman) (Download Roop Thesis 40 Mb pdf) 

Sitton, Mark, High resolution basin analysis of the lower Horse Spring Formation, Frenchman Mountain, Lake Mead, Nevada, M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 169 pgs (Umhoefer)

Taylor, Ryan. Constraints on the Genesis of the Eastern Snake River Plain Basalts with Hafnium Isotopes and Complimentary Geochemical Data, 134pgs. (Reid)

Tinnin, Beau, Volcanology and petrology of the Sullivan Buttes Latite, northern Sullivan Buttes, Chino Valley, Arizona, 165 pgs (Riggs). (Download Tinnin Thesis 11.4Tinnin Plate 1 11.5 Mb pdf)

Verba, Circe. Comparison of Martian Dust Devil Track Morphologies in Gusev and Russell Craters. 84pgs. (Geissler & Blakey) (Download Verba Thesis 5 Mb doc)

Yff, Jessica. Io: A global geologic map and its sulfur volcansim compared to terrestrial analogs. 104 pgs. (Ortt) (Download Yff Thesis 2 Mb; Yff_Plate_1 3 Mb)


Black, Victoria. Mammalian Fauna of Herring Park Cave, South Park, Central Colorado, 80pgs. (Mead)

Cruz-Uribe, Alicia. Pressure-Temperature-Time Paths Constraining the Timing of Thrusting in the Sevier Hinterland, 112pgs (Hoisch) (Download Cruz-Uribe Thesis 11 Mb pdf)

Csar, Alexander. Distribution and Geochemistry of Methaine-Derived Cold Seep Carbonates: Panoche and Tumery Hills, Califronia, 149pgs. (Sample) (Download Csar Thesis 160 Mb pdf)

Green, Megan. A Conceptual Hydrogeologic Model for Fossil Springs Western Mogollon Rim, Arizona: Implications for Regional Springs Processes, 90pgs. (Springer) (Download Green Thesis 2.9 Mb pdf)

Long, Josh. Architectural and Stratigraphic Analysis of the Lower Jurassic Kayenta Formation, Northeastern Arizona, USA, 238pgs. (Middleton)

Ross-True, Kristi. Strain Accommodation, Segment Linkage, and Corrugation Formation: South Virgin-White Hills Detachment, Northwestern Arizona, 106pgs. (Duebendorfer)

San Filippo, Rory Michael. Timing and Kinematics of the Bitter Spring Valley Fault, Lake Mead Extensional Domain, Nevada, 177pgs. (Umhoefer) (Download San Filippo Thesis 51 Mb pdf)

Styger, Sheena M. Composite Pressure Temperature Paths from the Funeral Mountains, Death Valley, Southeastern California, 183pgs. (Hoisch) (Download Styger Thesis 84 Mb pdf)

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Bonamici, Chloë. Anatexis and Exhumation of a Paleoproterozoic Orogen, Southern Hualapai Mountains, Arizona, 207pgs. (Duebendorfer) (Download Bonamici Thesis 8 Mb pdf)

Erickson, Allison Austin. Phreatomagmatic Eruptions of Rhyolitic Magma: A Case Study of Tepexitl Tuff Ring Serdan-Oriental Basin, Mexico, 234pgs. (Ort) (Download Austin Erickson Thesis 28 Mb pdf)

Hall, Patricia Jayne. Relationships of a new Osteolepiform (Sarcopterygii) from the Water Canyon Formation, Northern Utah, 141pgs. (Elliott)

McKay, Nicholas. Late Holocene Climate at Hallet and Greyling lakes, Central Chugach Range, South-Central Alaska, 96pgs. (Kaufman) (Download McKay Thesis 7 Mb pdf)

Pandamouz, Ali. Geochemical Modeling of Water-Sediment Interaction in Pueblo Colorado Wash Aquifer, Navajo Nation, Arizona, 123pgs. (Ort) (Download Pandamouz Thesis 2 Mb pdf)

Sabol, Beth Duschatko. Tephrostratigraphy of Pleistocene Deposits at Newberry Volcano, Oregon, 127pgs. (Riggs) (Download Duschatko Sabol thesis 9.2 Mb pdf)

Rice, Steven E. Springs as Indicators of Drought: Physical and Geochemical Analyses in the Middle Verde River Watershed, Arizona, 155 p. (Springer) (Download Rice Thesis 10 Mb pdf)

Schiff, Caleb J. A Modern Survey and Holocene Record of Lake Water and Diatom Isotopes from South Alaska, 102 p. (Kaufman) (Download Schiff Thesis 5 Mb pdf)

Vanaman, Karen M. The Pleistocene History of Millican Valley, Central Oregon, 75pgs. (Riggs)

Zimmer, Brian William. Eruptive Variations During the Emplacement of Cerro Pinto Dome Complex, Puebla, Mexico, 119pgs. (Riggs) (Download Zimmer Thesis 4.5 Mb pdf)


Daigle, Thomas A. Late Holocene Climate Change at Goat Lake, Kenai Mountains, South-Central Alaska, 128pgs. (Kaufman) (Download Daigle Thesis 44 Mb pdf)

Fry, Matthew C. Digital Hydrogeologic Framework Models and Implications for Fault Scaling, Upper Verde River Headwaters, Arizona, 142 p. (Springer) (Download Fry Thesis 20 Mb pdf)

Hosack, Alexandra M. Structure of the Agua Verde Accommodation Zone, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 162pgs. (Umhoefer) (Download Hosack Thesis 46 Mb pdf)

Hosack, Alexis, Structure and stratigraphy of the Agua Verde accommodation zone, Baja California Sur, Mexico: M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 163 p.

Kathan, Kasey. Late Holocene Climate Fluctuations at Cascade Lake, Northeastern Ahklun Mountains, Southeastern Alaska, 111pgs. (Kaufman) (Download Kathan Thesis 3 Mb pdf)

McCormick, Kaitlin A. Depositional Environments and Taphonomy of Vertebrate Sites in the Upper Cretaceous Tropic Shale, Southern Utah, 90pgs. (Gillette)

McTeague, Mike S. Marginal Strata of the East Central San Jose del Cabo basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 152pgs. (Umhoefer)

Schmeisser, Rebecca L. Description of a New Species of Pleisosaur from the Upper Cretaceous Tropic Shale, Southern Utah, 199pgs. (Gillette)

Varhalmi, George J. Maxillofacial and Mandibular Region of Helodermoides tuberculatus in Relation to Extant Alligator Lizards (Squamata: Anguidae), 127pgs. (Mead)

Young, Erin M. Maximum Frost Depth and Freeze-Thaw Frequency Measurements and Simulations at Bellemont, Arizona, 98pgs. (Springer) (Download Young Thesis 41 Mb pdf)

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Adams, Eric A. Determining Ephemeral Spring Flow with Laboratory and Field Techniques: Applications to Grand Canyon, Arizona, 80pgs. (Springer) (Download Adams Thesis 2 Mb pdf)

Blythe, Nathan O. Basin Analysis Associated with Middle-Miocene Detachment Faulting., Eastern Lake Mead Region, Northwest Arizona, 226pgs. (Umhoefer)

Coven, Brian. Laramide Shortening and Miocene Extensional Structures in the Northwestern White Hills, Mohave County, Arizona, 113pgs. (Duebendorfer)

Drake, William R., Structural Analysis, Stratigraphy, and Geochronology of the San José Island Accommodation Zone, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 271pgs. (Umhoefer) (Download Drake Thesis 38 Mb pdf) (plate 1, plate 2 plate 3, plate 4 plate 5,  plate 6

Griffiths, Ronald E. Geomorphology and Sedimentology of Spring-Dominated Channels: Implications for Restoration along the Mogollon Rim, Arizona, 138pgs. (Springer/Anderson)

Jan, Christina Diane. Distinguishing Individual Pyroclastic Deposits Using Visible Through Near Infrared and Thermal Infrared Spectral Signatures, 233pgs. (Riggs)

Macy, Jamie Patrick. Micoene Rotation and Quaternary Uplift of Carmen Island, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 126pgs. (Umhoefer) (Download Macy Thesis 5 Mb pdf)

Martin, K. Luke. Miocene stratigraphy and sedimentology in Longwell Ridges area, and implications for extension, Lake Mead region, Nevada, 155pgs. (Umhoefer)

Palevich, Meg. Dental and cranial elements of Canids from Snake Creek Burial Cave, White Pine County, Nevada, 159pgs. (Mead)

Ross, Lanya E.V. Interpretive Three-Dimensional Numerical Groundwater Flow Modeling, Roaring Springs, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 120pgs. (Springer) (Download Ross Thesis 4 Mb pdf)

Sabol, Thomas A. Delineation of Wellhead and Springhead Protection Areas for the Kaibab Paiute Indian Reservation, Arizona, 181pgs. (Springer) (Download Sabol Thesis 20 Mb pdf)

Skinner, Lisa Anne. Submarine volcanism in the north Loreto subbasin, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 123pgs. (Umhoefer)

Swaney, Zack A. Tilting History of the Lost Basin Region and Western Grand Wash Trough, Northwest Arizona: Regional Implications, 140pgs. (Duebendorfer) (Download Swaney thesis 136 Mb pdfPlate 1Plates 2&3Plate 4)

Todd, Erin. Geochemical Evolution of Pre-caldera Magmas at Caviahue Caldera, Neuquen Province, Argentina, 252pgs. (Ort)

Woody, Kristin Marie. Quaternary Clay Mineralogy and Paleogeography of the Dominguez Gap Region of the Los Angeles Basin, California, 108pgs. (Parnell)


Brightwell, Stephanie N. Mars South Polar Ice Cap Processes: Sublimation, Deformation, and Flexure, 102 p. (Morgan) (Download Brightwell Thesis 15 Mb pdf)

Flora, Stephen P. Hydrogeological Characterization and Discharge Variability of Springs in the Middle Verde River Watershed, Central Arizona, 237 p. (Springer) (Download Flora Thesis 9.4 Mb pdf)

Godwin, Timothy Evaluation of streambed restoration and occurrence of Hoxworth Springs, Coconino County, Arizona. (Springer)

Kelly, Eric D. Pressure-temperature paths and isotopic dating along a major thrust, Sevier hinterland, Albion Mountains, Idaho, 154 p. (Hoisch) (Download ED Kelly Thesis 18 Mb pdf)

Kobor, Jeremiah Simulating Water Availability in a Spring-fed Aquifer with Surface Water/Groundwater Flow Models, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 141 p. (Springer) (Download Kobor Thesis 2 Mb pdfDownload Kobor Thesis Plate 1.2 Mb pdf)

Kramer, Natasha M. Deposition, Resuspension and Alteration of the Colorado River Delta Sediments, Lake Powell, Utah, 163 pgs. (Parnell)

Loseke, Travis Oligocene-Miocene Beavertail Butte formation and its relationship to regional tectonics, Yavapai County, Arizona. (Blakey)

McConnell, Siobhan. An Analytical Approach to the Interpretation of Complex Dome Formation, Cerro Pizzaro, Mexico. (Riggs)

Raucci, Jason. Structure and Neotectonics of the Hurrican Fault, Western Grand Canyon, Mohave County, Arizona, 188pgs. (Umhoefer)

Sikorski, Janelle. Winter Accumulation at the Equilibrium Line of Little Ice Age Glaciers, Brooks Range, Alaska, 118 p. (Kaufman)

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Balascio, Nicholas L. Equilibrium-Line Altitudes Across the Brooks Range, Alaska During the Last Glacial Maximum. (Kaufman)

de Fontaine, Christian S. Late Quaternary Distal Tephra in Lacustrine Sediments of the Upper Cook Inlet, Alaska. (Kaufman)

Fry, Bill Potential field analyses of the southwestern U.S.: Implications for Proterozoic tectonics and AUSWUS. (Morgan)

Harris, Caroline R. A pressure-temperature path record of repeated thrusting and exhumation in the Sevier hinterland, Albion Mountains, Idaho. (Hoisch)

Imhof, Margaret H. Description of Pathologic Ceratopsid Material and Preliminary Paleomagnetic Analysis of the Kaiparowits Formation, Southern Utah, 170 pgs. (Elliott)

Parker, William G. Description of a New Specimen of Desmatosuchus Haplocerus from the Late Trissic of Northern Arizona. (Elliott)

Rose, Eben C. Depositional Environment and History of the Cambrian Tonto Group, Grand Canyon, Arizona, 349 pgs. (Elliott)

Siwiec, Benjamin R. Tectonic Implications of Paleoproterozoic Structure and Metamorphism in the Northernn Hualapai Mountains, Mohave County, Arizona. (Duebendorfer) (Download Siwiec Thesis 3 Mb pdf)

Stikes, Mathew Fluvial Facies and Architecture of the Poison Strip Sandstone, Lower Cretaceous Cedar Mountain Formation, Grand County, Utah. (Blakey)

Wallace, Kristi, Characterization and Discrimination of Holocene Tephra-Fall Deposits Mount Spurr Volcano, Alaska. (Ort)

Welty-Bernard, Amy T. Biogeochemistry of Hyporheic Zone Sediments within three Reattachment-bar Complexes, Colorado River, Grand Canyon, Arizona. (Parnell)

Woody, Daniel Revised Geological Assessment of the Sonsela Member, Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona. (Blakey)


Amentt, Melissa A. Hydrogeology and evapotranspiration of the herbaceous understory at a high-elevation riparian community, Hart Prairie, Arizona, 170 p. (Springer)

Baten, Soyini K. Eruptive History and Assessment of Volcanic Hazards of Mt. Adagdak, Adak Island, Aleutian Islands, Alaska, 181 pgs. (Ort)

Cox, Dannielle C.   Seismic hazards along the Lake Mary fault, near Flagstaff, Arizona, 143p. (Brumbaugh)

Del Margo, Maya T. Structural and Stratigraphic Architecture of Pliocene Basin, Isla San Jose, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 186 pgs. (Umhoefer)

Dudash, Stephanie L. Polymetamorphism of >2.5 Ga pelitic schist in the Grouse Creek Mountains, northwestern Utah (Hoisch)

Ferguson, Colin B. Deformation Associated with the 1.4Ga Boriana Canyon Pluton, Northwestern Arizona: Regional Strain or Magma Emplacemen? 112pgs (Duebendorfer)

Kessler, James A. 2002. Grand Canyon Springs and the Redwall-Muav Aquifer: Comparison of Geologic Framework and Groundwater Flow Models, 122 p. (Springer) (Download Kessler thesis 25 Mb pdf)

Levy, Laura B.  Late holocene glacier fluctuations, northeastern Ahklun mountains, southwestern Alaska, 152p. (Kaufman)

Navarro, Luis F.  Characterization and ground-water flow modeling of the Mint Wash / Williamson Valley area, Yavapai County, 158p. (Springer)  (Download Navarro Thesis 6.2 Mb pdfDownload Navarro Thesis Plate 13 Kb pdf)

O’Brien, Gary R. Oxygen Isotope Composition of Banded Quaternary Travertine, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 80 pgs. (Kaufman)

Puchalski, Michael C.  Style, kinematics, and timing of major faults on Isla Espiritu Santo, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 166p. (Umhoefer)

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Cunningham, H., Mixing of depleted mantle and minette in the petrologic evolution of the Sullivan Buttes Latite, Chino Valley, AZ (Riggs)

Dilliard, K., Associated volcaniclastic deposits of a trachyte dome complex, Sullivan Buttes Latite, Chino Valley, AZ (Riggs)

Laabs, Benjamin J.C., Quaternary Lake-Level History and Tectonic Geomorphology in Bear Lake Valley, Utah and Idaho, 132 p. (Kaufman)

Strickland, Jan. Sedimentation Patterns Along the Southern Cordilleran Cratonic Margin, Cambrian Bolsa Quartzite and Abrigo Formation, Southeastern Arizona, 183 pgs. (Middleton)

Vlad, A. Structural style, kinematics, and evolution of the Escondido and Arroyo Blanco faults and their relationship to the Loreta Segment, Baja California Sur, Mexico (Umhoefer).


Kelly, S.E., Ground water flow simulation and recharge sources for a fractured sandstone aquifer, Coconino County, Arizona, 145p (Springer). (Download SE Kelly Thesis 2 Mb pdf)

Morrison, A.D., Paleontology and paleoecology of a late pleistocene fauna from the southern Black Hills, South Dakota, 134p (Mead).

Ramstad, J. A comparison of fluidized ejecta impact crater morphology between the northern lowlands and southern highlands of mars (Barnes).

Schroth, A.W. The influence of waste rock removal on geochemical pathways and processes in an acid mine drainage system, Alta Mine, MT (Parnell).

Wilkinson, R.W., Water resources of Bellemont Park, Coconino County, Arizona, 263p (Springer).

Willsey, S.P., Structural style, kinematics, and evolution of the Nopolo Subsegment, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 151p (Umhoefer).

Willsey, Shawn.,  Structural analysis of the Mulege-Loreto accommodation zone, Baja California Sur, Mexico: M.S. thesis, Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff AZ, 151 p (Umhoefer)


Wilson, E., Geologic framework and numerical groundwater models of the south rim of the Grand Canyon, Arizona, 72p (Springer).

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Dallegge, Todd A., Correlation and Chronology of the Miocene-Pliocene Bidahochi Formation, Navajo and Hopi Nations, Northeastern Arizona, 304p, (Ort). (Download Dallege thesis 16 Mb pdf)

Evans, P., Proterozoic Structure and Geology of the Cottonwood Cliffs, Mohave County, AZ, 176p (Duebendorfer).

Hesse, Stephen J., The Igneous Geochemistry of Sierra Grande Volcano, Raton-Clayton Volcanie Field, Northeastern New Mexico, 118p (Ort).

Higgins, Daniel P., Leakage Simulations From a Perched Mountain Aquifer in the Inner Basin, San Francisco Mountain, Arizona, 141p (Springer).

Hooten, J.A., Phreatomagmatic Diatremes of the Western Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field, Navajo Nation, Arizona, 140p (Ort).

Lias, Juan H., Fluvial, Tectonic and Geologic History of the Eridania Region of Mars, 136p (Barnes).

Meyer, K.L., Pressure Solution as an Aseismic Deformation Mechanism, Piru Creek-Lake Piru: Western Transverse Ranges, California, 128p (Duebendorfer).

Rogers, S.B., Geochemistry and Natural Attenuation of Acid Mine Drainage at the Iron King Mine, Cottonwood, Arizona, 121p (Parnell).

Semmens, B.A., Hydrogeologic Characterization and Numerical Transport Simulations of a Reattachment-Bar Aquifer in the Colorado River, 188p (Springer).

Shipman, T.C., Effects of Volcanism on the Upper Triassic Chinle Formation, Petrified Forest National Park, Arizona, 79p (Riggs).


Gavin, Andrew J., Hydrogeology and Numerical Simulation of a Spring-Dominated High-Elevation Riparian Community, Hart Prairie, Arizona, 177p. (Springer).

Jones, Caron S., Proterozoic Geologic History of the Vock Canyon Area, Cerbat Mountains, Northwestern Arizona, 125p. (Duebendorfer).

Mosshamer, Claire L., Development of a new iterative method to reduce thermal penetration-probe data, 159p. (Morgan).

Semmens, Darius J., Geomorphology and Sedimentology of A Modern Fan Delta, Loreto, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 147p. (Dorsey).

Vazquez, Jorge A., Maar Volcanism in the Wood Chop Mesa Area, Hopi Buttes Volcanic Field, Navajo Nation, Arizona 210p. (Ort).

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Ash, N.A., Physical volcanology of the Santa Maria Mountains volcanic field, Yavapai County, Arizona. (Riggs).

Bennett, Jeffery B., A Biogeochemical Characterization of Reattachment Bars of the Colorado River, Grand Canyon National Park, Arizona, 148p. (Parnell).

Betts, Richard W. Stratigraphic, Sedimentological, and Paleobotanical Investigations of Terrace Gravels, United States Army Yuma Proving Ground, 74pgs. (Nations)

Block, Debra, An Analysis of the Basin and Range - Colorado Plateau Transition Using Multiple Datasets, 78p. (Morgan).

Cumming, Kathryn A., Hydrogeochemistry of Ground Water in Chimayo, New Mexico, 117p. (Parnell).

Hanlon, Jamie D. Structure and Petrology of Proterozoic Rocks in the Tennessee Wash Area, Cerbat Mountains, Northwestern Arizona, 114pgs. (Duebendorfer)

Hanson, Lori M., Metamorphic Petrology of Pelitic Schist from the Raft River and Grouse Creek Mountains, Northwest Utah, 238p. (Hoisch).

Malusa, John. Geochemical Evolution of a Travertine Depositing Spring: Fossil Springs, Arizona. (Parnell)

Orr, Tim R. Proterozoic Structure and Geology of the Northern Cerbat Mountains, Mojave County, Arizona, 90pgs. (Duebendorfer)

Petroutson, William D., Interpretive Simulations of Advective Flowpaths Across a Reattachment Bar During Different Colorado River Flow Alternatives, 159p. (Springer).

Reed, Randall C., Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of the Lower and Middle Devonian Water Canyon Formation, Northern Utah, 322p. (Elliott).

Strength, Dana A. Travertine Deposition in the Little Colorado River, Arizona and Habitat for the Endangered Humpback Chub, 99 pgs. (Parnell)

Taylor, John A., Hydrothermal Regimes of the San Francisco Peaks Volcanic Field and the Southern Verde Valley, North-Central Arizona, 95p. (Morgan).

Wolff, Evan Douglas, Geothermometry and Thermal Evolution of the Raft River Mountains, Utah, 156p. (Hoisch).

Wright, Julie M. Coupling groundwater and riparian vegetation models to simulate impacts of a reservoir release. 116 p. (Springer)


Bussard, William J., Jurassic Volcanism in the Patagonia Mountains of Southern Arizona, 92p. (Riggs).

Falk, Peter David, Stratigraphy and Sedimentology of Pliocene Fan-Delta Deposits, Loreto Basin, Baja California Sur, Mexico, 173p. (Dorsey).

Jones, Kimberly R., Miocene Synextensional Sedimentation in Mineral Wash, Western Buckskin Mountinas, Western Arizona, 172p. (Dorsey).

Robinson, Matthew J., Tectonostratigraphy of the Lower Cretaceous Relay Mountain Group, Potato Range, Southwestern British Columbia, 224p. (Umhoefer).

Schroeder, Timothy John, II, Physical Volcanology of the Enebro Mountain Rhyolite, 104p. (Riggs).

Tweed, Russel, Miocene Basin Evolution, Upper Plate of the Buckskin Detachment Fault, Western Arizona, 130p. (Dorsey).

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Allen, Cory, Analysis of the Hydrogeologic Conditions Present Within Fort Valley, Coconino County, AZ, 136p. (Agenbroad).

Becker, Ulf, Evolution of the Miocene North Whipple Basin, NorthEastern Whipple Mountains, SouthEastern California, 185p. (Dorsey).

Cullom, Charles, Sedimentology and Petrology of the Pioneer Formation, Middle Proterozoic, Central AZ, 120 p. (Middleton).

Dehler, Carol, Paleoenvironmental and Stratigraphic Analysis of Lower Devonian Beartooth Butte Formation and Associated Strata, Central-Eastern Idaho, 157p. (Middleton).

Dohm, James, Origin of Stoneman Lake, and Volcano-Tectonic Relations of Mormon and San Francisco Volcanic Fields, Arizona, 101p. (Holm).

Dohm, Stephan, Hydrogeology and Ground-Water Availability of the Bird Springs Alluvial Aquifer, Navajo Indian Reservation, 133p. (Springer).

Grecu, Valeriu, Structural and Hydrologic Analysis of Coconino-Supai Aquifer, Lake Mary Watershed, Coconino County Arizona, 143p. (Zecharias).

Hurlbert, John, Stratigraphic Analysis of the Shinarump Member of the Traissic Chinle Formation, Northern Arizona and Southern Utah, 130p. (Blakey).

Kostalek, J. Thomas, Mineralogy and Geochemistry of Lacustrine Sediments in a Miocene Extensional Basin, Aubrey Hills, Western Arizona, 160p. (Parnell).

Leafgren, Douglas, Stratigraphy, Sedimentology and Tectonic Significance of the Tertiary Strata of Buckhead Mesa, Gila County, Arizona, 77p. (Nations).

Owens, Matthew, Deformational Style of the Southwestern Scanlon Shear Zone, Old Woman Mountains, CA, 75p. (Karlstrom).

Oyer, Janet, Pyroxenes in the Dioritic Hypabyssal Rocks of San Francisco Mountain Composite Volcano, Arizona, 153p. (Holm).

Pederson, Joel, Late Holocene Geochronology and Paleoclimate of Lake Canyon, Utah, 118p. (Mead).

Rosanova, Christine E., Ice Velocities of the Marie Byrd Land Coast, West Antarctica, 108p. (Best).

Thompson, Kelcy Louise, Paleoecology and Biostratigraphy of the Fossil Mountain Member, Kaibab Formation in Northwestern Arizona, 135p. (Beus).

Thorstenson, Donald J., Structural Geology of the Northern Heritage Range, Ellsworth Mountains, West Antarctica: Implications on Gondwanide Reconstruction, 104p. (Duebendorfer).

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