Are you active in the outdoors?  Do you want to preserve the environment for future enjoyment?  Do you have a passion for the natural world?

Northern Arizona University’s School of Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability draws upon faculty and professionals in the natural and social sciences to combine outreach and educational programs addressing the diverse needs of stakeholders with undergraduate degrees in environmental sciences, environmental studies, and geology.  Graduate programs include Master’s degrees in climate sciences and solutions, environmental sciences and policy, and geology, and a PhD degree with emphasis areas of Earth and planetary systems, climate and landscape change, and environmental and engineering sustainability.   SESES also draws upon the expertise of the programs in Community, Culture and the Environment and the MA in Sustainable Communities to give students the opportunity to pursue a wide range of learning, research, and career opportunities.


To become the premier school for research, outreach, and education in Earth Sciences and Environmental Sustainability in the Mountain West for local to global communities.


  • To form citizens and leaders with scientific knowledge, social and cultural understanding, knowledge of democratic politics and policy, and technical skills in earth sciences, the environment, and sustainable human/environmental interactions, prepared to serve and lead local to global communities.
  • To discover new knowledge about earth sciences and the environment that enriches the human experience, addresses environmental challenges, and promotes a sustainable future.
  • To understand the earth system – including humans – as an integrated whole, across broad spectrums of time.
  • To further appreciate, understand, and sustainably manage natural resources.
  • To provide better understanding and solutions for natural hazards and disasters.

Join Dr. Dale Nations, Emeritus Regents Professor, to learn more about the spectacular geology of the Grand Canyon's Bright Angel and South Kaibab trails, as well as the fossils of northern Arizona's dinosaur country!