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The Northern Arizona University Mathematics Summer Bridge program seeks to bridge the gap between high school and college through offering a free academic math program.  

Overview of the Peak Performance Program: 

Peak Performance is an online Summer program, designed to help incoming freshmen whose math placement is lower than desired. This can set back a student’s plan to graduate on time, so we offer this as a free service to help our students. Peak Performance is not a requirement. Students will be matched with a peer Math Coach who provides academic and “transition to campus” support during the summer.

The main advantage to this program is twofold: the students' resulting preparation to improve their math placement by retaking the math placement exam and their pairing with a peer math coach who divulges their insights of campus life and is knowledgeable about resources available to the student here at NAU.

Our Mission Statement: 

To improve first-year and transfer students' academic and social success by increasing their confidence in mathematics, helping them improve their math placement, and providing transition-to-college support.

Our peer math coaches deliver individualized mathematics in a flexible, non-residential environment, as well as 'college knowledge' mentoring aimed at fostering strong connections to NAU in order to ease students' transition from high school to college.

Frequently Asked Questions

When is the Peak Performance Program offered?

This is a summer program that begins with Freshmen Orientation—usually in late May or early June and ends mid-August. Enrollment is on a rolling schedule that allows students to enroll as they attend their June Freshman Orientation at NAU.  

How do I enroll in the program?

Enrollment is in-person during the Summer Freshman Orientation. We will be enrolling students during the academic advising and enrollment session and will be located in the Gateway Student Success Center (Pod D). Peak Performance staff will be on hand to provide details and register students for the program. Students who will not attend Orientation until August may send an e-mail to to get more information about the program or to request enrollment.

How does the program work?

The Peak Performance program is designed to be a flexible online program, allowing students to work in the comfort of their own home on a schedule that's convenient to them. We match students with coaches who have similar degree paths and interests and walk them through connecting to our online environment.

During weekly appointments, the math coach assesses completed homework, discusses math problems the student might need help with, and provides motivation and encouragement to help keep the student moving forward. The student and Math Coach will work together to help set up an individualized schedule that allows the student to meet their academic goals.

Who are the Math Coaches?

Our Math Coaches are current NAU students who are trained in the math learning program. Our coaches will support and help students navigate through the math content and can help ease the transition to NAU campus life.

What is the time commitment like?

We require all students who enroll in the Peak Performance program to spend at least 3-4 hours weekly and stay active for a minimum of six weeks. The six weeks does not have to be continuous or uninterrupted—this can be flexible to allow for vacations or other summer plans. The important thing is to stay in contact with your math coach to be on the same page.

What is the Math Program like?

We use MyMathTest, which is a powerful online tool. MyMathTest continuously assesses student performance and activity and, using data and analytics, personalizes content to reinforce concepts that target each student’s strengths and weaknesses. MyMathTest uses adaptive learning which makes studying more efficient and individualized for each student. This ensures that students don’t spend time covering material they have already mastered and allows for students to stay on track to continue to progress and meet their goals. 

At the end of the six weeks, or when the student feels prepared to do so, our participants are able to take the NAU Math Placement Test in an attempt to challenge and increase their previous placement. Additionally, students enrolled in the program will continue to have access to review for the duration of the summer, even after taking the test!

A note regarding taking the NAU Placement Test: ALL placement tests must be proctored. If you are wanting information on finding a proctored testing center near you, go to NAU Math Placement Test Resources. 

Do I have to be in Flagstaff to participate in the program?

No, you don't! The Peak Performance program is 100% online. Students can work from home, anywhere in the United States. The only requirements are the weekly time commitment and regular access to reliable internet.

What are the eligibility requirements? 

  • Must be admitted to NAU as an Incoming Freshman (or transfer student) AND 
  • Students have their math placement already and have placed below the first math class required for their major

Peak Performance is not restricted to specific majors; all motivated freshman are eligible!

Students from the following degree groups are especially encouraged to participate:

  • Biology 
  • Business/Accounting 
  • Chemistry and Biochemistry 
  • Engineering 
  • Environmental Science 
  • Geology 
  • Mathematics and Statistics 
  • Nursing 
  • Physics and Astronomy 
  • Psychology 
  • Secondary Education- Math or Sciences
If you have questions concerning the Peak Performance Summer Mathematics Bridge Program, please contact us at