Lumberjack Mathematics Center Testing Room

The LMC Testing Room is the location for proctored mathematics testing, including:

  • MAT 100 Module Exams and Final Exam
  • Testing for LMC courses MAT108, MAT114, and MAT125 (check with your instructor)
  • ALEKS Mathematics Placement Test
All ALEKS placement exam attempts are required to be proctored. We offer proctored tests in the Lumberjack Mathematics Center Testing Room. Please view the ALEKS Testing Dates and Times page for updated testing information.
The LMC Testing Room is located on the north end of the 4th floor of the Heath and Learning Center (building 25), room 4104. There are 50 computers available for testing.

LMC Testing Room Hours:

9:00 a.m. - 5:00 p.m. Monday, Wednesday, and Friday
2:00 p.m. - 9:00 p.m. Tuesday and Thursday
The last day the Testing Room will be open will be Friday of reading week (December 11th).

*The LMC is moving!! Our new location will be on the second floor of the Student and Academic Services Building (building #60) at 1100 S. Beaver st. We will be conducting operations at the new location starting in the spring of 2016. The new LMC Testing Room will be room # 238A.

Additional information:

  • You need a credit card to pay the $10 fee for the 2nd or 3rd attempt on the ALEKS test.
  • No calculators allowed on the ALEKS test.
  • Bring your NAU ID and leave it in plain sight while you are taking a test.
  • Turn off and put away cellphones.
  • No notes, books, etc allowed on any tests.
  • Scratch paper will be provided for you.
  • Make sure to sign in before you start your test (ALEKS testing only).