Student Employment


Student Employment


Dear Potential Lumberjack Mathematics Center (LMC) Tutor (aka Math Jack),

Thank you for your interest in becoming a tutor at the Northern Arizona University’s Lumberjack Mathematics Center. The intention of this page is to make you aware of the qualifications for hire and the duties you will perform as a tutor.

As an LMC tutor you must:
• Currently be enrolled at NAU
• Be work-study or student-wage eligible
• Maintain an overall 3.0 GPA
• Have successfully completed MAT 119 and MAT 125, or MAT 121, or MAT 136
• Complete required LMC tutor training
• Obtain NAU faculty recommendation
• Be willing to work up to but perhaps more than 10 hours per week

As an LMC tutor your responsibilities will include:
• Providing individual and/or group assistance to students in MAT 100, MAT 108, MAT 114, or MAT 125 at the LMC
• Assisting students with development of study skills necessary for course
• Completing assigned MyMathLab homework problems prior to tutoring
• Attending weekly Course Coordination meeting for assigned course
• Attending training meetings as scheduled and/or required
• Maintaining accurate records of work hours and submitting timely payroll documentation to LMC Lab Manager
• Maintaining resource files of MyLabsPlus mistakes for future use by students and LMC tutors, if necessary
• Accepting feedback provided via observation/evaluation process
• Monitoring and enforcing policies of the LMC
• Adhering to LMC policies

We are looking for the following traits in our future LMC tutors:
• A commitment to making the success of your students the central concern of your relationships with them
• An interest in understanding student concerns
• The ability to establish a supportive relationship with students seeking assistance
• The capacity to fulfill job responsibilities with minimal supervision and a high degree of reliability
• Appropriate study habits and communication skills
• Sensitivity and empathy toward student concerns

Applications are reviewed on November 15th during the Fall semester and April 16th during the Spring semester.

This tutoring position has a starting wage of $10/hour. Paid training for this position will be held in August or January prior to students’ official start of the semester. Additional required meetings will be held weekly during the semester. These may be related to study skills and/or subject specific concerns. Adequate time will be given to plan accordingly.

Thank you again for your interest in becoming a Math Jack at the LMC!


If you are a student applying, please fill out the application here. 

Please forward this link to the teacher who will submit your recommendation: teacher recommendation link. 

Salvador Vera
LMC Tutor Supervisor