MAT 108


 Catalog Description: Algebraic operations; simplifying expressions; functions; graphs; linear, absolute value, quadratic, cubic, square root functions; solving equations and inequalities; systems of equations. A student with credit in MAT 110 or either of the previous courses, MAT 112 or MAT 135, may not earn credit in MAT 108. All semesters. Letter grade only.

Prerequisite: (MAT 100 with a grade of P taken Fall 2013 or later) or (MAT 102X with a grade of C or better) or Math Placement Results.

General Information: MAT 108 Algebra for Precalculus is a three credit-hour course designed to provide a review of fundamental concepts and skills required for successful entry into MAT 125 Precalculus.

Sections offered: Summer 2017, Fall 2017

Course Coordinator: Ms. Christina