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Information for parents

As a leader in technology and education, Northern Arizona University has redesigned four mathematics courses (MAT 100, MAT 108, MAT 114, and MAT 125) and introduced the Lumberjack Mathematics Center (LMC) to help students succeed in mathematics.

We believe that you learn mathematics by doing mathematics, not by listening to someone talk about or present the subject. Students often do poorly in mathematics because they do not spend enough time doing problems themselves.

The modified emporium model allows students to spend more time on task and get help when they need it at the LMC. A traditional model often leaves students with unanswered questions during and after class. This is not the case in our redesigned courses, where students have many resources and helpful tutors available to them in the LMC.

Math placement

The mathematics course your son or daughter will be in depends on their placement. Please visit the Math Placement page for more information. .

What to expect

If students place into one of our redesigned courses, MAT 100, MAT 108, MAT 114, or MAT 125 they will have an assigned math class time and room just like a traditional class.

What will make these classes more helpful to students, however, is the immediate personal help they can get in the LMC. All classes will require at least seventy five minutes of Open Lab time working with mathematics software. Students can do the rest of their work from any place with an internet connection, but they are highly encouraged to do all their work in the LMC so they have help from faculty, graduate students, and tutors when they need it.

Learn more about these new courses.