Anita Antoninka


As the coordinator for the UMEB program, my role is to give UMEB Scholars the training, guidance and support to become excellent independent researchers.

Thankfully, my job is an easy one, because our Scholars are bright, thoughtful and accomplished.

In our ENV 499 class the UMEB Scholars develop the syllabus around a few key goals. They design and implement the curriculum and, as a result, they take complete ownership of the class and develop an incredible sense of community.

As a researcher and teacher, I have also grown as a result of my involvement in the UMEB Program via practice in critical thinking, teaching, mentoring and editing, as well as exposure to a variety of scientific processes and projects.

My Ph.D. research is focused on understanding the complex interactions and changes among soil communities (i.e. arbuscular mycorrhizal fungi, nematodes and microarthropods) as a result of global change factors.