Global languages placement exams

Spanish placement exam

This is an online exam that allows you to assess your level of Spanish at the college level. The results of your placement will be given to you at the end of the exam(s) and forwarded to the email address you enter at the beginning of the exam. You must finish the exam to receive the needed results.

This exam is NOT linked to the university's systems and only the person taking the exam sees the results (no electronic records of your results are kept anywhere so be sure you print the results and/or keep the email of your results so that you can use it for enrollment purposes). You may take the exam and use the results to enroll in a Spanish class that skips levels by following the directions on this link: Enrollment Procedures via Placement Exam Results.

Placement for all other languages

Please contact the following to make an appointment for assessment (if placement above 101 is deemed appropriate, request the instructor submit an "Electronic Enrollment Request" on your behalf):

If you use email to contact these instructors, please include the following in the subject line, "Placement Needed for Enrollment / Pre-requisite Override". Please contact for additional assistance if you do not get a response within five days by forwarding the original email you sent the instructor.