Waiting List Procedures


What are Wait Lists?

Wait lists allow students to place themselves on a list if a section’s enrollment capacity is already full. When seats become available the process will automatically enroll students from the wait list into that closed class section.

How do wait lists work?

When seats become available in a closed class section, the class remains closed until a process runs that automatically enrolls students from the wait list. The class remains closed until the wait list empties or the enrollment capacity has been met, whichever comes first.

If a student does not meet the criteria to enroll in the class the process will select the next student on the wait list according to their position. Please acquire requisite override permission numbers from the Dept of Global Languages and Cultures (BAA Bldg 23 / Room 108 - in person only, NAU ID cards required) if you are a transfer student, have been studying abroad, or have a printout of the Spanish placement exam that places you above a 101 level course. Student schedules MUST remain clear or LOUIE will not be able to enroll you. If students wish to do a "swap" via a waiting list opening ... see us! We can do it for you. The provost has approved: Open enrollment in GLC ends after the first week of classes and permission numbers expire. Enrollment is still possible via Instructor Consent only. Please understand that consistent attendance in your foreign language class is mandatory.

Students that were on the wait list and were not enrolled will maintain their position. Students will have an opportunity to be auto-enrolled the next time a seat is made available, if they resolve the issue that prevented them from being auto-enrolled previously.

If the wait list process runs and no students are enrolled, then the class will open and other students will be given the opportunity to enroll (even if there are still students on the wait list that did not meet the criteria to be auto-enrolled).

If there are no students on the wait list, the class will open as usual when seats are made available.

For more information go to this NAU website: https://www.nau.edu/registrar/class-wait-list-faq/