Masters of Arts in Applied Sociology

Degree overview

This program is designed to increase your understanding of group, organizational, and institutional processes that structure communities and human experience. We emphasize the application of sociological theory, knowledge, and methodologies in efforts to address modern issues and problems facing society.

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This program prepares you for professional practice in applied research settings and further academic studies in sociology and related fields. Our curriculum affords you the opportunity to structure your coursework to best serve unique interests. You can choose either an internship or a thesis option.

The internship program provides hands-on experience for you to help bridge the gap between theory and practice, while the thesis option enables you to pursue independent research projects that may be applied in nature or involve basic sociological inquiry.

Our applied sociology program is one of the few applied programs in the country. Our faculty have expertise in a wide range of areas including family, gender, social policy, deviance, race and ethnicity, environment, sexuality, social psychology, and demography.

Degree requirements

Upon successful completion of your coursework, you are required to complete either an internship or thesis. To earn a Master of Arts in Applied Sociology degree, you must complete the following 37 units:  

  • 10 unit requisite core
  • 21 units of electives selected in consultation with your committee
  • 6 units of Internship (SOC 696) or Thesis (SOC 699)

See the academic catalog for more detailed information.