This year is especially exciting because we are attending 6 conferences! In years prior it has normally been 2-3 conferences per year so this is a large task that we are taking on. NAU Model UN is sending smaller delegates to each one of the conferences rather than sending an immense amount of delegates to one conference. Below is the list of conferences we are planning on attending in the next year.

Fall 2013

October 25-27 

National Model United Nations

This was NAU Model UN's first appearance and invitation to NMUN in Washington D.C. and our delegates performed absolutely phenomenally. Nick Schlegel, Shilo Rynn, and Rebecca Andryschenko all represented the nation of Uganda and received an honorable mention for their performance. This was their first time at Nationals and stood out above the crown and represented NAU incredibly well.


November 8-10

University of California Santa Barbara

SBIMUN was a great conference this year and NAU Model UN walked home with numerous awards. John Kelly and Greg Goekler both received Outstanding Delegate awards for their representation of the U.K. in the Security Council and the G20. Clair Bergstresser received a Distinguished Delegate award for her representation as Germany in the General Assembly and Greg Wilson received a Distinguished Delegate award for his role in the Revolutionary War Crisis committee. Together NAU Model UN received a Distinguished Delegation award for our entire delegation's performance, an honor that had yet to be awarded to NAU Model UN.


November 23-26 

American Model United Nations

Located in Chicago, IL, this international conference was one of the largest NAU Model UN has ever attended. With over 1,700 delegates it was difficult to stand out among the competition. However, Lauren Sharrock received an Exceptional Representation award, which is reserved for only a few delegates, for her role as Armenia in the General Assembly Plenary.


Spring 2014

March 6-9

University of California Berkeley
UCB Model UN has invited us to attend its conference in San Francisco California. This conference is widely considered to be the most elite and well- managed conference in California. This will be NAU’s first year of attendance.

March 17-21

World Model United Nations
World Model UN is being hosted in Brussels, Belgium this year and is being hosted by Harvard University. This is the largest Model UN conference in the world. NAU Model UN attended lasted year in Sydney, Australia, and did very well with delegations in almost every committee. NAU Model UN is attending this year and sending an elite delegation to hopefully win some awards this year as well as increase NAU’s presence on the world stage. 
Application Information

April 4-7

University of California Los Angeles
UCLA Model UN is hosting their 10th annual conference this year. NAU Model UN has done incredibly well here winning Best Delegate last semester as well as winning awards every time it has attended. This will be NAU Model UN’s 4th time in attendance to this conference and we are looking forward to another great year.