Insect Ecology and Management Lab

Stefano at Scope 2011We study both natural processes and applied issues relating to forest insects. We generally seek projects that are at the intersection of basic and applied research. Our goal is to better understand species interactions across multiple taxa within forest communities and apply this understanding to protect natural resources. Our research seeks solutions to effectively management insect pests and solves ‘real world’ problems. We take an interdisciplinary approach, using insights drawn from a diverse group of scientists, engineers, artists, specialized technicians, and students. Though we focus on forestry related issues in the southwest, our projects have national and international significance.

Research areas include but are not limited to:

  • Eruptive insect dynamics (e.g. bark beetles, pandora moth) and factors that affect their dynamics
  • Symbiotic and phoretic associations among insects, mites, and microbes
  • Management of invasive species (e.g. emerald ash borer, sirex woodwasp)
  • Community interactions associated with changing climate and forest management
  • Use of new technologies (e.g. acoustic exciters) to manage pests of wood products and trees  


Primary contactTravel Group 2014

Dr. Rich Hofstetter
Associate Professor of Forest Entomology
School of Forestry
Northern Arizona University
200 East Pine Knoll Drive
Lab room 244, Office room 208
Flagstaff, Arizona 86011-5018
Phone: 928-523-6452; Fax: 928-523-1080

Current MembersField Crew 2014

Stephen Burr, Ph.D. (co-advisor Tom Kolb), studying bark beetles, trees and microbes
Ben Jaffe, Ph.D. (advisor Steve Shuster), study arsenic in ferns
Nick Aflitto, M.S. studying bark beetle acoustic control methods
Derek Uhey, M.S. studying soil invertebrates
Emily Fuld, undergrad researcher, studying soil invertebrates
Clair Nash, Entomology summer field assistant

Former Post-docs

2013-2014 Dr. Kristen Potter, NAU TRIF Post-doctoral Associate

Former Graduate Students

Group Pic 2010 2012-2014 Jake Baker, M.F. NNF fellowship
2012-2013 Tiffani Fallucca, M.S.
2010-2013 Chris Hoffman, M.S.
2009-2013 Kasey Yturralde, Ph.D. IGERT
2008-2011 Seth Davis, Ph.D. IGERT
2009-2011 Chris Foelker, M.S.
2010 Karen Weber, M.F.
2009-2010 Grace Handcock, M.F.
2008-2009 Windy Greer, M.S.
2007-2009 Amanda Garcia, M.S.
2007-2009 Danielle Reboletti, M.S.
2006-2008 Seth Davis, M.S.
2006-2008 Elisabeth Alden, M.F.
2006-2007 Chris Hayes, M.S.

Former Undergraduate Students (and younger)

Nick and Field Trap 2014 2014 Rafael Ozol De Assuncao, Brazilian Exchange student
2014 Francisco De Marques De Figueiredo, Brazilian Exchange student
2013-2014 Barbara Sugarman, Hooper Award
2013-2014 Andrew Mann, Hooper Award
2013-2014 Joe Parrot, Independent Research
2012-2014 Jerod Benefield, URM Scholar
2012-2013 Patricia Rees, Hooper Award
2012-2013 Amanda Robinson, NAU Scholars program
2012-2013 Bo Stevens, Hooper Award
2012-2013 Theresa Reyes, REU student
2011-2014 Nick Aflitto, Hooper Award, Indep. Research
2011-2012 Stafano Padilla, Hooper Award
2011-2012 Shannon Madden, Hooper Award
2011-2012 Kaelyn Finley
2010-2012 Eli Jensen
2009-2011 Nate Foote, NSF IGERT funded
2006-2011 Reagan McGuire
2010 Patrick Kinlicheene, REU student
Rearing Cans Boy Evan 2011 2009 Audrey Harvey, REU student
2008 Vanessa Yazzie, REU student
2006 Jim Duncan
2005 Gabe DeGomez
2005 Susan Hebert
2005 Kevin Johnson
2005 Laine Smith
2005 James Stewart 

Opportunities in the lab and at NAU

There are multiple opportunities for undergraduate research and technician positions. If you an undergraduate student interested in working in the lab, please send me an email with your interests and timeline (or photocopy of transcripts).

Rich Hofstetter
Box 15018
Northern Arizona University
Flagstaff AZ 86011-5018

or email

If you are interested in graduate school, please send me a cover letter, resume, GRE scores, and a list of classes taken and grades, and a contact (reference) person. I will keep your materials on file for at least 2 years. I encourage you to contact my current or former graduate students by e-mail (linked on this page). When I get funding for a project, I will review all packets received in the previous 2 years. Also, Masters of Forestry positions are always available (since funding is not required for these positions).