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University Marketing staff works on print and design pieces

Developing branded materials

Leveraging our brand

A brand is a living thing, built over many years through many factors, including an institution’s stated priorities and the actions of the people associated with it.

Develop with us

University Marketing staff collaborate in the conference room

We work with our internal clients at the division, unit, college, department, and program levels to develop marketing strategies, set goals, and deliver tactical plans to help realize these goals.

If you want help in executing specific program elements, University Marketing is happy to get involved.


For a number of reasons, members of the Northern Arizona University community may wish to develop their own materials that use the university’s creative approach, messaging, and visual strategy.


The brand’s voice rings with quiet confidence and demonstrates—in a direct way—the opportunities that NAU offers and the goals that Lumberjacks seek to achieve. Information doesn’t need to be exaggerated; we clearly share our qualities and invite readers to join our community.

Visuals, photos, logos, and templates

NAU University Marketing staff during whiteboard meeting

We have created and chosen thousands of visuals, including photos, logos, and templates, that reflect the brand. These assets, used in alignment with the standards in our visual identity guide, can be used to develop materials tailored to the needs of the university community. They reside in our digital database management system, Widen.